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NSUI hold protests demanding climate activist Disha Ravi’s release

National Students’ Union of India NSUI held a protest against BJP led government and their puppet Delhi Police’s authoritarian crackdown on activists and supporters of the Farmers agitation.

The protest was led by National President Neeraj Kundan and thousands of protested gathered unanimously. Leaders like National President Neeraj Kundan, National Secretaries like Satvir Chaudhary, Shaurya Vir Singh, Hussain Sultania and other State and National leaders were detained by the police. Delhi Police also detained Delhi leaders like Kunal Sherawat, Arjun Chaprana and Rohit Rana (State President UP).

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“Disha Ravi, a 21-year-old climate activist from Bangalore was arrested and brought to Delhi without a transit warrant and remanded. A 30-year-old woman lawyer from Mumbai and a Pune based Engineer is charged with tough charges. This government flirting with fascistic techniques of quelling democratic protest is nothing new. By waging a war against students and youth of India, Narendra Modi’s authoritarian face has once again come out.

Only four cases out of 191 sedition cases filed after this govt came into power has been convicted. The Government uses tough laws and misuses them to silence all dissenting voices” said Neeraj Kundan, President, NSUI.

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The autocratic Government is trying to supress the people, who stand or have point against the Government. India is a democratic country and the Government has ignored the true essence of democracy, which has resulted in, democracy being just a word in our country. The Hitlership attitude of the Central Government has ruined India’s image with their worthless decisions. On the other hand, the image of true democracy of non-violence and peace in India has completely deteriorated with the arrest of Disha Ravi.

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NSUI suggests the BJP government to look into the matters of hooligans like Kapil Mishra and Anurag Thakur who openly gave orders which were directly inciting violence. We recommend the govt to put these people behind the bars instead of locking people who are supporting farmers protest.

Therefore, NSUI stands with Disha Ravi and others in solidarity and strongly believes that the true essence of democracy cannot be demolished by the existing Central Government. Every citizen has an equal right in our country, in which they should be respected rather than termed Anti National.

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