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Nidhi Razdan’s Harvard offer was fake; says she’s victim of phishing attack

Former NDTV anchor Nidhi Razdan has said on Twitter that she has been a victim of phishing and had not received any offers from Harvard university.

It is worth noting that last year, Nidhi Razdan had told on social media that she got an offer of an associate professor job from Harvard University and she is leaving NDTV and taking this assignment. 

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However, it is now learned that no such offer came from Harvard University, but she has been a victim of phishing. She has made a complaint to the police and has handed over the details of communication via email to the police as well as the Harvard University administration for investigation.

In the tweet, Nidhi wrote, ‘In June 2020 I left 21 years of NDTV job saying that I am going to join Harvard University as Associate Professor of Journalism. I was told that I would join the university in September 2020. As I was preparing for my new assignment, I was told that due to the epidemic, my classes would start in January 2021. ‘

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Nidhi further wrote in the post, ‘In the midst of the frequent delays, many procedural inconsistencies came to my notice. Initially I did not pay attention to these things thinking that all these are new normal in the epidemic but what happened recently was more disturbing. I then contacted senior Harvard University officials to explain the situation directly, and at their insistence I shared with them all the communications that were allegedly done on behalf of the university. “

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The former NDTV anchor wrote, “After getting to know the university’s side, I came to know that I have been a victim of a very successful fishing and in fact I did not have any offer from Harvard University to become the faculty of Journalism Department. I have complained to the police in this regard and have made all the relevant documents available. I have requested the police to identify those fraudsters as soon as possible. Along with this, I have also appealed to the officials of Harvard University to take this matter seriously”.

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