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If China and Pakistan meet, they can be in serious danger: Army chief Narwane

India's Army Chief General MM Narwane has said that Pakistan and China together can pose a threat to India.

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If China and Pakistan meet, they can be in serious danger: Army chief Narwane

India's Army Chief General MM Narwane has said that Pakistan and China together can pose a threat to India. Speaking to the media on the overall national security challenges before Army Day, General Naravane said thinking tortuous towards both China and Pakistan have been at ground level.

He said, "Pakistan and China together remain a grave danger, the risk of their insidious thinking cannot be ignored."

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The army chief said that India has to be prepared to deal with the threat scenario on two fronts. He said that cooperation in military and civilian areas between China and Pakistan is increasing. He said that we keep making changes in our preparedness based on geo-political developments and threats.

Two front threat is something we've to be prepared to deal with and have to see which is more serious and prioritize deal with that first", he said.

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To a query about the national security threat challenges, the army chief said that Pakistan and China together form a potent threat to the national security of India

"We have no tolerance for militancy and reserve our right to respond at any place and time of our choosing and with precession. This is a clear message sent across, that India will not tolerate any such a kind of activity," he said. 

Naravane said they are maintaining a high state of alertness all along the northern borders, keeping in mind the threat perception.

"We have our winter deployment at the place. We are alert and ever ready to meet any challenges," he said.

He said that eight rounds of talks between the military commanders of India and China have taken place.

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"We are awaiting the dates for the ninth round of talks and I'm sure through dialogues we'll be able to reach a solution based on the principles of mutual and equal security," Naravane said.

"We are hopeful for a positive situation, but at the same time are ready to meet any challenge and all the logistics are very well taken care of whether it is clothing, habitat and ration," he said adding that there is no cause for concern at all on that front and operation preparedness is of a very high order.

The army chief said there is a need to restructure and enhance capabilities and several contracts have been signed that includes procuring weapons and protective gear for soldiers manning the borders.

About the rise in local militancy in Jammu and Kashmir, Naravane said that every year a large number of militants are killed but the recruitment process continues in different outfits.

"We always work to thwart the recruitment process at ground level through Sadhbavna operations," he said. "Militancy recruitment is shrinking every year but there are ups and downs for sure, however, with the government approach and more employment opportunities for youth, I am sure the situation will improve."

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Responding to a query about the internal security, the Chief said that the militancy continues unabated although the situation in the hinterland has improved somewhat. " The situation has not reached the level we can contemplate and move troops out of Jammu and Kashmir," he said.

However, he expressed confidence that India and China will reach an agreement to withdraw troops and reduce tensions. He said, "I am confident that a solution will be found on this issue on the basis of equal security."

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