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Home » New York Times report on Covid deaths ‘baseless and false’: central government

New York Times report on Covid deaths ‘baseless and false’: central government

मोदी सरकार की 10 गलतियां जिनसे कोरोना बन गया प्रलय

A third situation has also been mentioned in the newspaper report, according to which 42 lakh people have died in India so far from Covid. Apart from those who died of corona, the newspaper has also speculated about corona infections in its report.

Ground Report | New Delhi: The Central Government has rejected the report in the New York Times on the status of covid-19 in India as ‘baseless and false’. The central government, “No evidence has been given in this and it is based on completely wrong estimates.” The New York Times published a news two days ago and in which different estimates were made about the deaths from covid-19 in India.

The report put forward India’s official data till 24 May 2021. According to this, the total number of infected people till that day was 296 million and the number of deaths was around 3 lakh 7 thousand. The New York Times report claimed that the exact number of people dying in India is not coming to light. The figures that have come out are ‘lesser’. The newspaper report mentions three different situations.

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The report claimed that the actual number of infected in India can be anywhere from 40 crores to 70 crores. In the first situation, it has been said that till now the death toll can be at least six lakhs. In the second situation, according to which the newspaper is most likely, it has been said that the death toll could be 1.6 million.

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According to the New York Times report, at least 40 million people have been infected in India so far. The newspaper, it is more likely that 54 crores of people have been infected so far and if the situation worsens, then it can not be denied that the number of corona infected in India has reached 70 million so far.

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The New York Times claimed that he “talked to more than a dozen experts” to analyze the number of cases and deaths in India. The results of a large-scale anti-body test were taken into consideration and then many possible estimates of the true scale of the devastation in the country were revealed. ” The central government has dismissed this report as baseless.

However, many newspapers in India have also claimed in their reports that the number of deaths reported from Corona in different cities and territories is more than the number of deaths.

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