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Home » Muslim sell bangles got beaten and media says it’s Choori Jihad

Muslim sell bangles got beaten and media says it’s Choori Jihad

Muslim sell bangles got beaten and media says it's Choori Jihad

Ground Report | New Delhi: Muslim sell bangles got beaten; On Sunday, a 25-year-old man selling bangles in Indore was thrashed by a group of men, who also allegedly snatched Rs 10,000 from him. Three of the men involved in the case have been arrested.

Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra said the bangle seller had two Aadhaar cards with different names: a Hindu and a Muslim. He also claimed that he was trying to do “love jihad” under the guise of selling bangles to Hindu women during the festive season. However, police have not yet given a statement on the recovery of two Aadhar cards from Tasleem.

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Muslim sell bangles got beaten, media says it’s Choori Jihad

Yet News18 MP Chhattisgarh and Zee Hindustan didn’t stop twisting the story and wondering if Tasleem could have saved himself from being beaten up if Tasleem hadn’t changed his name. Dring the broadcast the anchor of both TV channels said that the issue is too complicated now that a “love jihad” angle has been explored.

The show has been described on social media as “Why did ‘Tasleem’ of Indore become ‘Tushar’? Revenge name-work, Hindus are infamous? Trick Sanatan by becoming a churiwala? ‘Bangle Jihad’ from Hindus in India?

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Same as Zee Hindustan, News18 also don’t bother with such basic journalistic questions like selling bangles is an excuse for love jihad!”, “what is the bangle seller’s religion?”, “did he change his name for love jihad?”.

Netizens slammed the news channel for its “hate-filled propaganda” against the Muslim community.

One user wrote, “Some Muslims only write something on Facebook, then on them #UAPA But a compulsive Muslim youth who sells bangles hundreds of miles away from home for halal income, was brutally attacked, religiously abused, mob instigated and beaten up, will the accused also face UAPA?”

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Another user wrote, “Your channel must be banned for hateful incitement. You are trying to break the country”.

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