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Muhammad Yasin's 'Bird Forest Resort' in Kashmir hosts migratory birds

Bird Forest Resort; Kashmir has several bodies of water including Dal Lake where a large number of migratory birds come and spend

By Wahid Bhat
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Bird resort in Kashmir

Kashmir has several bodies of water including Dal Lake where a large number of migratory birds come and spend their time in different parts of the lake which is an attraction for bird watchers and nature lovers alike.

The new 'Bird Forest Resort' located near the world-famous Dal Lake in Srinagar. Built by Muhammad Yasin, a Kashmiri bird lover, the resort is nothing short of a haven for birds migrating from other countries during this season.

Bird Forest Resort hosts migratory birds

Muhammad Yasin speaking to GroundReport.in, said that her mother instilled in him a love of birds from childhood. She often fed the birds, which fueled Yasin's interest in birds. "today Yasin has created an environment where visitors can enjoy bird watching as they get to see different types of birds here".

He said that now, several different migratory bird species have also made their nests near his houseboat. The birds come mainly during the morning and evening hours when there are no public disturbances on the lake.

“Being a bird lover, it is my duty to take care of these migratory birds. I will leave no stone unturned to restore their habitat," Yasin added.

“In recent years, I have been able to visit several countries, including Thailand, Indonesia, Switzerland and Ukraine. During my travels, I saw different species of birds. I also saw locals feeding them at particular places on a regular basis. It inspired me to establish the resort on Dal Lake,” said Yasin.

The new 'Bird Forest Resort' located near Srinagar's famous Dal Lake is an attraction for birders and nature lovers alike. Credit: Bird Forest Resort

Encouraged to protect water bodies

Yasin added that his mission is more than a bird-watching center. He hopes that the people who live in boats and around the lake will be encouraged to protect the water bodies, thus preventing further damage.

Bird Forest Resort. Credit: Ground Report

Yasin treats the migratory birds as guests, feeding them two to three times a day in hopes of meeting their needs.

He believes that it is the responsibility of humans to care for and protect birds and that the establishment of the resort will help protect the environment.

For Yasin, it's not just a project, but a way to carry on her mother's legacy and her love of birds. "Bird-watching refreshes the mind and soul. People have positive and happy thoughts" Yasin added.

Bird Forest Resort. Credit: Ground Report

“I have my own houseboat, where bird watchers come every day to see my forest complex. But it is not enough for the government to extend its help and restore the dying ecosystem of migratory birds in Dal Lake,” he said.

12 lakh migratory birds in Kashmir in 2022

The Wildlife Department official told Groundreport.in that 2022 recorded the highest arrival with more than 12 lakh bird visitors visiting here.

Wildlife Warden Wetlands, Ifshan Dewan said that the past four years saw the arrival of more than 40 lakh migratory birds in the Valley's wetlands. She said that the year 2022 recorded the highest numbers with up to 12 lakh migratory birds visiting Kashmir.

Why migratory birds like to visit Kashmir every year?

Every year, migratory birds arrive in Kashmir via the central Asian flyway area, which includes Siberia, northern China and northern Europe, to shelter from the extreme cold of their summer homes.

These birds live from late October to late April in the comparatively cooler environments of the Valley, as their summer homes remain frozen through the winter months.

Migratory birds visit Kashmir during the winter months for several reasons:

  • Food availability: The winter months in Kashmir coincide with the harvest season, and the region's agricultural fields provide a rich source of food for migratory birds. The birds feed on leftover crops and grains, as well as insects and other invertebrates that are attracted to the fields.
  • Breeding grounds: Some migratory birds visit Kashmir during the winter months to establish breeding territories. For example, the bar-headed goose, which breeds in Central Asia, visits Kashmir to establish territories along the region's wetlands and rivers.
  • Climate conditions: Kashmir's climate is conducive to the survival and growth of many bird species, making it an ideal destination for migratory birds. The region's wetlands and lakes provide ample water for the birds, while the surrounding forests and mountains offer shelter from harsh weather conditions.

Overall, migratory birds visit Kashmir during the winter months because of the region's ideal habitat, food availability, breeding grounds, and climate conditions. The region's abundant birdlife and stunning natural beauty make it a popular destination for birdwatchers and nature lovers.

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