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Home » Morena: 8-year-old boy sitting with the dead body of his younger brother

Morena: 8-year-old boy sitting with the dead body of his younger brother

morena 8 year old boy with brothers body in lap

Every day in Madhya Pradesh, the pictures of the plight of public facilities keep coming to the fore. A video of Madhya Pradesh’s Morena is viral on the internet in which 8-year-old boy Gulshan is sitting with the dead body of his younger brother Raja in his lap. He sat with his brother’s body for one and a half hours. Let us understand the whole matter.

Morena Viral video: No ambulance for poor

Two days ago, the son of Poojaram Jatav, a resident of Badfara, Ambah, had anemia, and his stomach was filled with water. When his health deteriorated, he showed the child to the government hospital in Ambah. When his health deteriorated, he was referred to the district hospital. The father Poojaram took his younger son to the district hospital. The ambulance in which he had come from Ambah dropped him at the district hospital. Here the child died. There was no ambulance for him to return home. The hospital people said to look for an ambulance from outside. The cost of the ambulance outside was close to one and a half thousand, which was not affordable for Poojaram.

He kept crying but no one helped him. The compelled father kept looking for a cheap ambulance by keeping the corpse of the younger son Raja in the lap of his elder son Gulshan.

Gulshan was sitting near the roadside drain in front of Nehru Park with his brother’s body.

Poojaram did not get an ambulance. After a while, someone informed the police.

On receiving the information, Kotwali TI Yogendra Singh Jadaun reached the spot. They lifted the Raja’s body from Gulshan’s lap. Both were taken to the district hospital. There Gulshan’s father Poojaram also came, after which the body was sent to Badhara by ambulance.

Poojaram has four children. Three sons and a daughter, of whom the Raja was the youngest. His wife Tulsa left the house three months ago and went to her maternal home (Dabra). He himself takes care of the children. He also goes to work.

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