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Do you know India’s biggest blood donor is a Kashmiri Man?

the 'Blood Man of Kashmir

Says when you have given so much to society and when you need it, no one [offer] helps. Giving your blood is no joke

Ground Report | Srinagar: Kashmiri blood donor; Shabbir Hussain Khan, a 57-year-old ‘blood man’ from Kashmir, has donated his 174th pint of blood so far in his life at a government hospital near his home in Srinagar. Shabbir Khan has made blood donations his life religion. Even Shabbir’s age did not come in the way of this noble cause. His mission is to serve humanity at all costs, no matter what their age.

Shabbir lives in the Nowhatta area of Srinagar, his blood group is O+ and he has been donating blood since the age of 18. Shabir is an inspiration to hundreds of people. He regularly donates blood after every three months to save the lives of others. Shabir Hussain Khan, a resident of the Nowhatta area of ​​Srinagar, works as a paper mill by profession.

“For my livelihood, I work as a daily wage labourer,” says Khan. “It may sound strange to you but it is true. I used to be a papier-mache artist but no one buys papier-mache products anymore, so I had to look for something else to survive.


With his mother’s medical expenses, it is difficult for him to manage the wages of a daily wage worker and he admits that he sometimes feels “crushed” by poverty. “Especially when you have given so much to society and when you need it, no one [offer] helps. Giving your blood is no joke. It requires a lot of motivation, perseverance, and dedication.

“Blood is not something you can buy from the market,” he told The Guardian. He also said, “Blood donation was not common in those days, for blood banks. The way blood is easily available now, it was not the same as before. Also, there was no connectivity at that time. We had only a radio. There were two, three landline phones in the entire area.”

Kashmiri blood donor; Shabir said that there is nothing noble for him other than donating blood. He donates blood only for the purpose of serving humanity. Khan told that he has been donating blood after every three months for almost 40 years. There was never any fear in his mind.

He said that in 1980 when a friend of his was in need of blood, Then he gave his blood for the first time. After saving his life, he never looked back. I love every life as dear as my friend. He gave a message to the youth and common citizens that if one is healthy then one must donate blood for the lives of others. It does not harm your own health. Donating blood gives a different satisfaction. Nothing can be a greater gift than this.

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Shabir is now a volunteer with the Indian Red Cross Society and has been doing so for over 40 years, handling a team of 40 people across Kashmir, helping affected people in earthquake-prone and flood-prone areas.


Kashmiri blood donor; He decided to donate blood after every three months and started motivating others as well. His campaign slowly began to pay off. People started joining him and he has also formed a voluntary organization. Be it the devastating earthquake of 2005 or the floods of 2014, In this too, Shabir and his associates played an important role. He donated blood to many needy people.

Shabir Khan said that thousands of people’s blood have been shed in Kashmir over the years due to conflict. Sometimes in hospitals, even when there is no blood in the time of need, lives are lost. If everyone is aware of donating blood, then many lives can be saved. One unit of blood can save four lives. Just a little awareness is needed.

Before the pandemic The Lancet reports, India faces a shortage of 40.9 million units of blood every year, and COVID-19 has made the situation worse. “Amidst the pandemic, donating blood has become a challenge. Earlier, 50 people used to come to the blood donation camp. Now even eight people will not come forward due to fear. Also, it is difficult to organize a medical camp now. One needs to be alert to do coronavirus testing first and follow standard operating procedures,” Khan said.

“In countries like the UK, blood donors get a gold medal for donating 100 points. But in Kashmir the story is completely different, there is no such concept. Appreciation veteran donors encourage more people to donate blood. ,” says Khan.

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