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“Me and my father are kept locked in my house”: Omar Abdullah

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah has tweeted and claimed that he has been locked in his house.

Omar Abdullah tweeted, “This is the new Jammu and Kashmir after August 2019. He has been locked in his house without telling us anything. Even my father, who is a Lok Sabha MP, has been stopped. My sister and children have been locked up with them.

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Omar Abdullah wrote in his second tweet, “Your new model of democracy means that we will be kept locked in the houses without telling anything, but the extent is that even the staff working at home are not allowed to come.” . Even after this, you are surprised and say why I am still angry.

This tweet of Omar Abdullah has been responded to by a Twitter account named Srinagar Police, which has also been shared by Abdullah himself.

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It reads, “Today is the second anniversary of Lethpora terrorist attack. The Road Opening Party (ROP) is completely closed. On the basis of intelligence information, the movement of Vi and those who are at risk of security has been banned. Its information was already given that do not plan to go anywhere today.

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In response to this tweet, Omar Abdullah has written that “I’m not even sure if this is actually a police Twitter handle since it’s not verified but assuming it is – please tell me under which law you have detained me in my home today? You can advise me not to leave my house but you can’t force me to stay in using security as an excuse”.

In another tweet he wrote “Please share the written communication address to me & acknowledged by me (or my office) informing us in advance of these restrictions. Surely this anniversary didn’t come as a surprise to the administration”.

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