Gulmarg Avalanche: Names of two Polish nationals who died in the tragedy

Two skiers from Poland died while 21 others were rescued after a massive snow avalanche hit Afarwat peak in Gulmarg, Jammu, and Kashmir. Two foreign nationals identified as Polish citizens have been killed in this incident. 19 foreign nationals have been successfully rescued.

The deceased were identified as Krzysltof, 43, and Adam Grzech, 45, both from Poland.

An avalanche struck near Afarwat Peak in the afternoon in which bodies of two foreign tourists were recovered. 21 others who were trapped were rescued. The deceased were identified as Krzysltof, 43, and Adam Grzech, 45, both from Poland. The avalanche warning was already issued by the authorities and investigations are underway to see how tourists were allowed towards the site.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Baramulla, Amod Ashok Nagpure

It is said 19 foreign nationals and two local guides were safely rescued including Ekaterina, Maxim, Vladimir, Vasiliy, Engine, Leo, Nikita Mastryukov, Anna Chornyak, residents of Russia, and Rafat Kaqmaren, Narcin Wieklux, Eukasz Potaczewck, Tukasz Pasek, Katarzyna Filip, Marcin Raczyk, Barteomie Szkop, Bartosz Domagata, Adrian Anirowsu, Macie Kowalczyk of Poland, a foreign guide Bartos from Poland and local guides namely Fayaz Ahmad Sheikh and Mushtaq Ahmad Mir from Tangmarg.

LG Manoj Sinah in a tweet said: “Saddened by the loss of lives due to an avalanche in Gulmarg.

A police spokesperson said that 19 foreign nationals from Russia and Poland along with two local guides were rescued by the Police along with the tourism department after they got trapped when a massive avalanche hit Hapatkhud Kongdori in Gulmarg.

On receiving the information, police said they mobilized joint rescue teams of police, Army, and tourism department for rescue operation using all available equipment.

Skiing Resort at Apharwat Peak
Skiing Resort at Apharwat Peak

In this avalanche, a famous ski resort located at Afrawat Peak in Gulmarg has been destroyed. It is being told that the avalanche came from the Hapath Khud side.

Meanwhile, traffic on the Jammu-Srinagar highway has come to a standstill after landslides occurred at several places in the Ramban district. Administrative officers and employees of the company building the highway are working to restore it.

Earlier on January 29, a woman and a teenage girl were killed after they came under an avalanche in the Kargil district of Ladakh.

How to survive an avalanche?

Before an Avalanche

  • Listen to the radio, watch TV, and read newspapers for weather updates.
    • Stay indoors, suspend all outdoor plans once an official warning is issued.
    • Avoid steep slopes and critical areas.
    • Keep an evacuation plan ready: demarcate evacuation routes.
  • During low-danger avalanche warnings, move on slopes carefully and mark your tracking path using a piece of cloth, stick,, etc.

When Caught in Avalanche

•Try to stay near the surface or getaway to the sides.
• Hold on to something sturdy.
• Make breathing space by creating an air pocket using one hand
•Breathe calmly, especially if you’re unable to reach the surface.
•Stay calm, knock the surface regularly to

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