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Mass cremations begin as Delhi faces deluge of COVID-19 deaths

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Covid-19 cases in India continue to rise dramatically. On Friday, there were an additional 332,730 new cases of Covid-19 in India and 2263 people died in the last 24 hours.

This made the bodies of Covid-19 patients exploded. Forced, a number of crematorium services carried out mass cremations.

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Reported by Reuters , Jitender Singh Shunty, medical services officer at Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sewa Dal, said there were 60 bodies were cremated on Thursday afternoon in the parking lot.

“Nobody in Delhi will ever witness such a scene. Children as young as 5 years, 15 years, 25 years are being cremated. Newlyweds are being cremated. It’s hard to see,” said Shunty.

Covid-19 cases in India are increasingly surging amid depletion of medical oxygen supplies. A Delhi resident named Nitish Kumar said that he was forced to keep the body of his mother, who died from Covid-19, at home for almost two days.

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He’s having a hard time finding a slot in the crematorium’s service. Until finally, Nitish was forced to cremate his mother himself in a temporary mass cremation facility, namely in a parking lot.

“I ran from pole to post but every crematorium had a reason, someone said it was running out of wood,” said Nitish.

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Nitish also shared about the severity of the handling of Covid-19 in India. The officers could not even provide a bed in the hospital for the mother.

“The government is not doing anything. Only you can save your family. You are alone,” he said sadly.

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