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Manifesto include free vaccine BJP need more public

Every party wants vote with the handful of people to win. Now the BJP has shown their manifasto promising free vaccine of covid-19 for Bihar.

By Ground report
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बिहाार में वैक्सीन का वादा बीजेपी का संकल्प पत्र

Ground Report| News Desk | Bihar assembly elections are on the floor and every party wants vote with the handful of people to win. Now the BJP has shown their manifesto promising free vaccine of covid-19 for Bihar.

A very first thing crack the mind of people is just a free vaccine will be given when the party wins.

As we all know this is the duty of our government to save its public from which it itself grow. So it's also the responsibility of government to not only provide vaccine for the state having election and also to all the states of country to get vaccinated for covid-19.

BJP government has released its many phase 2 on Thursday for the assembly polls in Bihar with the first promise to distribute free covid vaccines once it is approved by Indian council of Medical Research ICMR

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Nirmala sitharaman finance minister has announced this in Patna, capital of Bihar.

After this lot of criticism is being done by Indians in fact senior BJP leader bhupendra Yadav clarified over Twitter, responding to Congress leader Shashi Tharoor, Mr Yadav tweeted ",Your attempt to twist Smt. Nirmala sitharaman statement reeks of desperation. All parties issue many face to, vaccines will be made available to all Indians at nominal cost. State can make it free. In Bihar, we will".

BJP formation technology cell chief Amit malviya define and clarify"like all programs, centre will provide vaccines to States at a nominal rate. It is for state government to decide if they want to give it free or otherwise. Health being a state of subject comma Bihar BJP has decided to give it free".

Manifesto of BJP also includes 19 lakh jobs in the next 5 years including jobs for 3 lakh teachers within next year in school and higher education institute and 100000 jobs in the health sector.

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