Who is Major Kanwaljeet Singh, Jailed in Pakistan for 50 years?

After the war in 1971, many brave soldiers of India were imprisoned by Pakistan. The families of these soldiers are still waiting for their release. Major Kanwaljit Singh is also kept in Pakistan’s jail for the last 50 years, but no initiative has been taken by the government for his release.

Major’s wife said in an application that her husband has been in a Pakistani jail since 1971 as a war prisoner. He should have been released from Pakistani jail by now but Pakistan has kept Major Kanwaljit Singh illegally imprisoned.

Brave Soldier Major Kanwaljeet Singh

Kanwaljit Singh was awarded the Shaurya Chakra on 2 February 1971 for his gallantry. He had faced a grenade attack from the Pakistan side.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of India sought a response from the Central Government on the petition filed in this matter. The wife of Major Kanwaljit Singh has demanded the release of her husband.

Justice DY Chandrachud’s bench has issued notice to the Central Government.

This petition has demanded that an appeal should be made to the International Court of Justice for the return of 54 Indian soldiers who have been in Pakistani jails since 1971. And Pakistan must answer for illegally keeping Indian soldiers captive.

Let us tell you that the Human Rights Delegation of Canada-based Indians had claimed that they had gone to Kot Lakhpat Jail in Pakistan. There are more than 55 missing Indian soldiers and officers imprisoned since 1971 who are still alive. After the arrival of this report, there was hope among many Indian families that their loved ones would return. The issue of bringing back these soldiers has echoed many times in the country’s parliament as well.

But the government says that they do not have any concrete information on this matter, because Pakistan has always denied this.

Many families are still waiting for their lost member to return. But the government’s lax attitude in this remains a cause for disappointment for them.

The Gujarat High Court in its judgment of 23 December 2011 said that it is a matter of great sadness that 54 soldiers of India are imprisoned as prisoners of war in Pakistan. The brave soldiers of this country are living miserable life for the last 50 years.

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