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Long working hours can be fatal, says WHO

The WHO's research report has been published in a major journal, Environmental International, long working hours

By Ground Report
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Working long hours can lead to many health problems

Thousands of people die on an annual basis from long working hours: WHO

Ground Report | New Delhi: The WHO's research report has been published in a major journal, Environmental International. The research report focuses on the harms to human health caused by long working hours.  It also states that the long-term effects on human health can be so severe that an infected person loses his or her life.

Long working hours and human deaths

According to WHO, economic dissatisfaction forces many people to work long hours, in the days of the Corona epidemic.  According to a research report, due to overtime, human beings also face various disorders. Heart disease is especially important. In 2016, 745,000 people worldwide lost their lives due to long working hours. Most of them died of heart attacks and strokes. This is an increase of 30% over 2000.

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Research has shown that 9% of world's population is experiencing overtime. Maria Naira, director of the World Health Organization's Department of Environment and Climate Change and Health, says working 55 hours a week can lead to serious health problems. He also said that it was important to provide basic information to the general public and protect the health of workers.

The line between work and home

WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gabrias says nature of people's work has changed dramatically during Covid, and that computer or teleworking has become commonplace in many organizations. According to Gabrias, this new situation has bridged the gap between work and home. 

He also said that government and institutions should give priority to health of their workers. While workers should take care that employment is not important for their lives and it is better to work in such a way that Stay safe from strokes.

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The WHO estimate that 398,000 people died in 2016 from stroke and 347,000 from heart disease.

The World Health Organization says the Corona epidemic has increased working hours in human life. Of the more than 700,000 deaths caused by overtime, most were middle-aged or older.

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