List of the shortest rivers in the world

Geography is an area that has allowed us to discover the most extreme points on the planet. Well, we all know the names of the highest mountain -Everest-, the deepest sea depth -the Mariana Trench- or the longest river, a title traditionally held by the Nile.

However, if we were asked which is the shortest river on Earth, very few people would know what to answer.

The following list of rivers is the shortest by total length, located in a geographical area.

RankName of RiverLengthLocation
1Reprua River18mGagra District, Abkhazia
2Tamborasi River61mKolaka, Sulawesi, Indonesia
3Kovasselva River22mIsland Hitra, Norway
4Ombla River30 mOmbla Komolac, Croatia
5Jezernica River55mJezernica
6Roe River61mGreat Falls, USA

The Reprua River

Located in the Absajia region (Republic of Georgia), this water flow is born in the Voronya cave and flows into the Dead Sea, after travelling a distance of only 18 meters.

Reprua River. Source: Wikipedia

Tamborasi River

In southeastern Sulawesi, Indonesia, the Tamborasi River is 20 meters long and 15 meters wide and empties into the Sea of Flowers at Bone Bay.

Tamborasi River. Source: Wikipedia

Kovasselva River

The Kovasselva River is only 22 meters long, the Norwegian Kovasselva River flows from Lake Kovassvatnet to the sea. It is located on Hitra, the seventh largest island in Norway.

Source: pixabay

Ombla River

The Ombla is a small river in Croatia that empties into Rijeka Dubrovaka Bay of the Adriatic Sea. Its length is about 30 meters (98 feet) long.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Jezernica River

One of the 59 rivers in Slovenia is called Jezernica. In addition, it empties into the Adriatic Sea as a branch of the larger Idrijca. Located on the Wild Lake, a karst lake and spring with an underground water source, Jezernica is barely 55 meters long.

Source: Flickr

The Roe River

 In 1989, the 61 meters of this Montana torrent, which rises in Great Springs and flows into the Missouri River, ousted the D River as the shortest in the world in the Guinness Book, a category that disappeared as of the 2006 edition.

Source: Flickr

His record was recognized after primary school students campaigned in his defense with the support of various local stars.


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