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Now earn Rs 8000 under the “Learn and Earn” scheme of MP Govt

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Madhya Pradesh has launched a new “learn and earn” scheme (Mukhyamantri Yuva Kaushal Kamai Yojana) for the youth. 

The youth can now earn a stipend of up to rs 8000 under the learn and earn scheme (Mukhyamantri Yuva Kaushal Kamai Yojana) launched by the Madhya Pradesh government. 


The Madhya Pradesh government has launched a Mukhyamantri Yuva Kaushal Kamai Yojana scheme wherein the youths will be motivated to learn and earn a monthly stipend of Rs 8000. 

The scheme was launched by the BJP government in MP on Thursday. The scheme aims to educate every youth up to class 12th after which they will be given an apprenticeship under different companies and industries with a stipend of up to rs 8000 per month.

Under this scheme, the youth will get an opportunity to strengthen their skills in various sectors of engineering, IT, banking, CA, CS, media, art, law, hotel management, and many more. 

The scheme will also offer a one-year work-based learning program where youth can gain practical knowledge along with training processes.

This scheme will make the youth fitter in the job market and will get better employment opportunities in the future. 

This scheme is beneficiary for every youth who has already completed his/her education but finds difficulty in getting a reliable job. This scheme ensures that after completing their education the youth will be trained properly to gain a good position in the employment sector. 

Key points of the “learn and earn” scheme (Mukhyamantri Yuva Kaushal Kamai Yojana)

  • Rs 8,000 will be given every month for training till the youth get a job.
  • Age limit- 15-29 years of age can apply.
  • Youth who couldn’t get employment after 12th or graduation can apply for this apprentice scheme.
  • How to Register? Registrations will start from June 1 on the Youth Portal
  • Sectors in which training will be provided are electronics, engineering, marketing, hotel management, IT, Banking, CA, CS, Media, Art, Law, and others.

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