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Team India's World Cup Joy Leaves 11.5 Tonnes of Trash at Marine Drive

India's T20 World Cup win prompted a massive cleanup as BMC collected 11,500 kg of waste from Marine Drive. The BMC deployed 100 workers, emphasizing sustainable waste disposal by sending the trash to recycling plants

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Team India's World Cup Joy Leaves 11.5 Tonnes of Trash at Marine Drive

BMC workers clean Marine Drive area after Team India's T20 World Cup victory parade. Photo credit: X/mybmc

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India's T20 World Cup victory led to a massive cleanup as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) collected over 11,500 kg of waste from Marine Drive after the victory parade.

Thousands of fans lined the promenade to see their cricketing heroes on an open-top bus from the National Centre for Performing Arts to Wankhede Stadium. However, the celebration left behind a less glamorous legacy – mountains of garbage.

After the parade, the BMC deployed 100 sanitation workers to clean up Marine Drive before the morning joggers arrive.

"Due to the large crowd, cleanliness activities were interrupted," a senior BMC official told the Indian Express. "Nevertheless, the drive was completed by 8 am."

The waste filled one compactor, one dumper, and five small closed body vehicles (SCBVs). The assortment included plastic bottles, food wrappers, paper cups, and a large number of discarded footwear.

The BMC announced that the collected waste would not end up in a landfill. "Instead of sending it to the dumping ground, all items will be sent to recycling plants," the municipal corporation stated.

This decision aligns with growing efforts to manage waste more sustainably, especially after large public events.

The cleanup operation showcases BMC's efficiency but also highlights the environmental impact of large-scale celebrations. The volume of waste generated in a single evening serves as a reminder for better waste management practices during public gatherings.

The incident prompts reflection on balancing national celebrations with responsible citizenship as Mumbai returns to its daily rhythm. It raises questions about individual responsibility and stricter waste disposal guidelines.

Looking forward

The T20 World Cup victory will be remembered as a moment of national pride. However, the aftermath at Marine Drive serves as a cautionary tale, emphasizing civic responsibility and sustainable practices, even in moments of celebration.

As India celebrates its cricketing glory, the next challenge is to ensure that future victories are celebrated without leaving behind garbage. A comprehensive victory should extend beyond the cricket pitch to the streets where it's celebrated.

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