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Krishna and his leela streaming on netflix

Krishna and his leela is a movie about a boy who Torn between his past and present girlfriends. Watch this movie free on Netflix and Aha

By Pallav Jain
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Krishna and His Leela streaming on OTT

Krishna and his leela is a movie about a boy who Torn between his past and present girlfriends. A confused bachelor's indecisiveness spins a web of lies and cheating as he struggles to commit.

Runtime: 2h 5min

Genre: Comedy, romance

Language: Telugu

Watch Link1: NETFLIX

Watch Link 2: Aha Video


The film opens in what appears to be Ladakh and we meet Krishna (Siddhu Jonnalagadda). He introduces us to the different women in his life. From his college senior Satya (Shraddha Srinath) to his junior Radha (Shalini Vadnikatti). Krishna is stuck between two women and he’s clueless about how to deal with his emotions. He’s in love and confused at the same time with both the women. The other women in his life include his independent mother (Jhansi). She has separated from her husband and his sister (Samyuktha Hornad), who is dating a Punjabi guy.

Krishna and His Leela beautifully explores the foundation on which modern romance is built, and it’s on the money when it comes to dealing with subjects like sex and broken marriage.


Viewers Review

Hello all and welcome to non spoiler review of Krishna and his leela. Firstly the movie was good and it left the audience with a great impact.In my views the film is good enough to watch.It is a great romcom entertainer. The movie is best to binge watch in an OTT platform.If anyone of you are willing to watch the film it is available in "aha" OTT platform.Go and watch it,you will definitely like it.
-Kalyan C, Viewer of Movie


A passable rom-com
At two hours, it is a stretch. A heavy-handed plot twist, which involves Krishna’s father and his philandering ways, bunged in as a lesson, makes the going bumpy. But the tone remains conversational and light, and Krishna breaking the fourth wall frequently, addressing us directly, doesn’t mercifully feel gimmicky or overdone.

-Indian Express Review

A bold, refreshing take on modern romance and relationships
When was the last time a Telugu mainstream film dealt with topics like live-in relationship and pre-marital sex without getting into preaching mode? Here’s a film that tells us it’s ok to be in a complicated relationship and it’s normal to have feelings for multiple women at the same time. It would’ve been problematic had the film tried to normalize or glorify this behaviour. 

Hindustan Times

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