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Kapurthala Lynching: Man was hungry stole Rotis from Langar

Kapurthala lynching truth; The Kapurthala Lynching case is taking a completely different turn than what Granthi had claimed

By Ground report
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Total sacrilege case in Punjab

Ground Report | New Delhi: Kapurthala lynching truth; The Kapurthala Lynching case is taking a completely different turn than what Granthi had claimed at the Nizampur Gurdwara. The police mentioned that the deceased was seen by a sevadar (volunteer) eating chapatis in the kitchen located on the ground floor.

Kapurthala lynching truth

Police said no "signs" of sacrilege were visible at the gurdwara on the Kapurthala-Subhanapur road here. AS per SSP, the man likely entered the gurudwara to steal food.

P.S. Bhandal, joint commissioner of police (Law and Order), Amritsar told The Print “he entered the compound around 9:30 am, after which he continued to wander aimlessly for most of the day. He went to the langar room and ate langar (free food served by the gurudwara). He then returned to the Parikrama and sat down. He went more than once to the sanctum sanctorum to pay homage."

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As per the reports, a video was also recorded by a woman a day before he was lynched inside a gurdwara in Kapurthala. Reports suggest that when the sewadar saw the man, he tried to escape and was eventually detained by the sewadar. The man, who was in his early twenties, was kept in a room at the Gurudwara facility. The police could not take him away.

stole Rotis from Langar

According to SSP Kapurthala HPS Khakh, the man likely entered the gurudwara to steal food, The Print reported. Circumstantial evidence suggests that this man had probably entered the gurudwara to steal something.

"He was probably hungry too because the first thing he did was pick up some Rotis from the kitchen area and run with them to a nearby tea shop where he lay down. The gurudwara people found him there and brought him inside,” said Khakh.

“Instead of informing the police, the in-charge of the gurudwara started making live videos of beating him up and gathered a crowd outside the gurudwara,” Khakh added.

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There have been no verified clues as to the man's identity despite his photos and videos going viral. “We received a call from a woman in Patna, Bihar, saying that he could be her brother who had disappeared, but they found him that night. Also, no identification marks have been found on the body and nothing can be distinguished from his clothes, ”added Khakh.

Earlier, the police had said that they had also filed a murder case against unknown persons, but then took a u-turn and said that no case had been recorded against those who beat him to death. Inspector-General of Police Gurinder Singh Dhillon said Granthi Amarjit Singh was being questioned and that "after verifying all the facts, an FIR will be registered."

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