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Joe Biden and Kamala Harris deliver victory speeches

Biden said in his first speech after being elected president, "The American people have given a clear mandate. This victory is yours

By Ground Report
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Congratulations to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris here is how world reacts

Biden said in his first speech after being elected president, "The American people have given a clear mandate. This victory is yours We have received 7.4 crore votes and no one has received this much vote till date.

Biden said, "You have trusted me." I accept it politely. I am the President of America and will take everyone along. I do not see it as Red State and Blue State. Am the president of america I am not the President of any party. We will all work together. I will raise the backbone of this country again.

Biden said, "I am very happy to see the trust you have shown in me. I promise to be a president who will work instead of breaking. Which will not see red colored states or blue colored states, but United States. I will try my heart to win the trust of all of you. "

Biden especially thanked African-American voters, which led to his campaigning when he was lagging behind in the initial contest.

Biden said his first task would be to control the corona virus epidemic. Biden said, "On Monday, I will announce a group, in which top scientists and experts will work on our covid plan. This plan will be implemented from January 21, 2020.

Biden said that it has never happened in America that we tried and it did not work.

Biden also addressed Trump supporters. He said, "Let's give each other a chance. Now is the time to stay away from bitter statements. Meet each other again, listen to each other again ... Stop treating your rivals as enemies. " "I will work equally hard for all those who did not vote for me."

Biden said his first task would be to control the Corona epidemic. Biden ended his speech with an optimistic message. At the end, he said, "Spread trust. Love you all, Blas America. " After this, his family came on stage. Fireworks were done.

Kamala Harris became the first female president of the US and her speech was primarily historical. Kamla said in her speech that even though she is the first woman Vice President of America, she is not the last. Kamla said that her victory will send a message among women across the country that there is nothing impossible.

Joe Biden is also accompanied by Kamala Harris. First Kamala Harris is giving a speech. Kamla congratulated Joe Biden. Kamla said that democracy is an act, not a state. Kamala Harris gave her speech and remembered her family and Indian mother.

Kamla remembered her mother Yad. He also remembered Black, Asian, White, Latin women. Kamala Harris said, "They are all the backbone of our democracy. 

The women who fought for the 19th Amendment a hundred years ago, fought for the right to vote 55 years ago and the 2020 young generation who are voting today. " "I may be the first woman to reach this position, but I am not the last."

Kamala Harris said, "You have chosen hope, dignity, science and truth. You have chosen Joe Biden as the next President.

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