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Biden and Kamala Harris became Time magazine’s ‘Person of the Year’

Time magazine has chosen the next President of America, Joe Biden and the next Vice President Kamala Harris as ‘Person of the Year’.

Last year, Time magazine selected 16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg as ‘Person of the Year’.

Time magazine editor-in-chief Edward Felsanthal said, “To change America’s story, to show that there is more empathy than divisive agendas, and to share the vision of healing a world that is suffering, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were chosen as Person of the Year for TIME-2020.

In the US presidential election, incumbent President Donald Trump suffered a tough defeat from Joe Biden. With this, for the first time in the history of America, a woman has been elected Vice-President. Kamala Harris of Indian origin has been elected America’s first black female vice president.

TIME magazine has said that every winning president is elected Person of the Year in the US presidential election, but for the first time we have been conferred this honor with the President as well as the Vice President. Edward Felsanthan, Editor-in-Chief of TIME magazine, stated on the Person of the Year honor that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were given this honor because they proved that the strength of empathy is more than the strength of division. These two people have changed the story of America. He said that we have elected the Vice President for the ‘Person of the Year’ for the first time. Earlier we used to elect only the President. This time, we have also elected Kamala Harris, the Vice President of America, as Person of the Year.

TIME magazine announced ‘Businessperson of the Year’ and ‘Entertainer of the Year’ in 2020 along with Person of the Year. TIME magazine gave the title of ‘Entertainer of the Year’ to the Korean boy band BTS, while Lebron James has been selected for ‘Athlete of the Year’. Zoom CEO Eric Yoon has been chosen for ‘Businessperson of the Year’.

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