Kaali Khuhi streaming on Netflix, What is it about?

Kaali Khuhi is a new Netflix original movie that just released on Netflix. Kaali Khuhi means black well. The movie is a horror drama starring Shabana Azmi, Sanjeeda Sheikh, and Riva Arora. Movie is 90 min long and its trailer is chilling and scary. Here we are compiling few critic and viewers review so that you can decide if you want to watch it this weekend or not.

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Media Reviews

On The Watchability Meter, It Just About Passes Muster: NDTV

The Netflix India original film gives the solemn, urgent theme largely generic and literal treatment, which markedly turns the well-intentioned exercise into rather bland fare. As a preternatural thriller, Kaali Khuhi is akin to a well that runs dry all too quickly because it lacks depth and does not hold enough water.

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Weak Plot Spoils The Brilliant Acting & Scary Locations: Streamingdue

The biggest highlight from the movie is the locations and the performances, the locations are just mindblowing and it reminds us of Tumbad, the music is also good and the performances are the biggest plus point of the movie especially Riva Arora, the drawbacks from the movie are the whole story of the movie, it looks familiar and the ending left you confused.

Overall, the film would have been very successful if the makers had worked on the script of the film, due to this the film lags behind in spite of some great performances by brilliant actors.

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Viewers Review

Netflix please stop: Sharmaashwara

We understand Netflix wants to create cinema with a message but they need to understand this “understand your audience” , what could had been a 20 minute short film it was turned into a movie which was utter boring , bad cinematography , bad acting and to top it all a very bad story for the intended message.

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