Jamia professor suspended for sexually harassing female student

Who is Jamia Professor Dr. S Veeramani suspended on sexual harassment charges?

Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) has suspended an assistant professor for allegedly sexually harassing a student, a senior university official said on Wednesday.

The university has asked the professor not to leave the campus without prior approval from the competent authority until the investigation is complete, according to a notice issued Tuesday by registrar Nazim Husain Jafri.

An official notification signed by JMI Registrar Nazim Hussain Jafri said on Tuesday: “Upon becoming aware of the student’s complaint of such misconduct by Dr S Veeramani, assistant professor in the Department of Management Studies”… The competent authority, Jamia Millia Islamia, in terms of the powers conferred under statute 37(1) of the university, has placed Dr. S Veeramani… under suspension with immediate effect.”

“The professor has committed sexual harassment in the workplace, which constitutes serious misconduct,” the notice says, adding that he has been suspended with immediate effect.

Speaking to The Indian Express, assistant professor Veeramani said: “This is a false accusation. There is no evidence… The suspension is illegal, I was not informed of the complaint. This is for Hindus. Four Hindu teachers have been suspended since the current vice-chancellor joined”.

Who is Jamia Professor Dr. S Veeramani?

Dr S Veeramani, assistant professor in the Department of Management Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia. Veeramani is an Active researcher on the emergence of cyberspace and its impact on society at large and business in particular.

He is also the Associate Editor, the International Journal of Current Humanities and Social Science Research (IJCHSSR).


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