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Mystery of Jain muni Vimad Sagar’s suicide?

vimad sagar suicide case

The 45-year-old Digambar Jain saint Vimad Sagar was found hanging in his room. He was a resident of Shahgarh in Sagar district. Three days ago, he had come from a colony located at Aerodrome for Chaturmas in Gali Nanda Nagar, number 3 of Indore. On Saturday evening at 4.30 pm, his disciple Anil Jain saw him hanging from the fan. He informed the police.

Who was Sant Vimad Sagar?

  • According to Paswanarth Digambar Jain Temple Nanda Nagar Management, Acharya Vimad Sagar Maharaj had come to the temple located at Nandanagar from Leeds in the Aerodrome area on October 27.
  • 8 months ago, Acharya Vimad Sagar ji came to Indore after visiting from Ratlam. He stayed here during Chaturmas. Here daily discourses and diets were held. Vihar took place from Gumashta Nagar temple only last 25 days.
  • Acharya Shri 108 Vimad Sagar Ji Maharaj’s name was Sanjay Kumar Jain in his household. He was born on 9 November 1976. His mother’s name is Sushila and his father is Sheelchand Jain. Father has been a malaria inspector.
  • He had studied till the 9th ​​standard. He took a lifelong celibacy vow on 8 October 1992.

Why his death is mysterious?

The family has raised questions over the suicide of Digambar Jain saint Vimad Sagar Maharaj in Indore. His Brother said:-

‘He can never do that. Those who used to teach others to live in Satsang, why would they do this? It is being said that he hanged himself. It is not possible to he can hang himself. As a child, he had broken one hand when he fell from a bicycle. Because of this, the bone in his hand had increased. Since then the hand did not go above the head. Lift the chair with one hand and see. How to reach 12 ft. How can a man make a noose with one hand?

Is sugar a big disease? Piles is also not a disease. Take medicine, it will be fine. If there was trouble due to illness, then the saint will take samadhi, will not commit suicide.

This should be investigated. Those who are behind this conspiracy should be behind bars. His opponents are certainly behind the incident, who were afraid of his growing popularity.
-Vimad Sagar’s Brother Santosh Jain

Then the U turn

  • Later on his elder brother Santosh Jain has backed out of the demand for a probe. He has written a letter to Pardesipura TI. In this, he wrote – Due to his love for the younger brother, he came in a rage and demanded an investigation. Doubts and doubts were raised. I am Satisfied with the investigation of Indore Police. Nobody wants to investigate.
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What could be the possible reasons for his suicide?

Pardeshipura TI Pankaj Dwivedi and FSL expert Dr. BL Mandloi told that the circumstances are indicating suicide. It is suspected that he went to the room with a nylon rope, climbed on the table kept there and hanged himself from the fan. There are also marks of hanging from the rope around the neck. Where did the rope come from, it has not been disclosed.

After the postmortem late on Saturday night, the body of Acharyashree was kept at the house of a devotee in Anjani Nagar. Preparations for his last journey had started from Sunday morning itself. The body was brought to Gomatgiri for the last rites. There was a prayer here. Acharyashree was cremated at a vacant place on the land of a Jain devotee in Gomatgiri.

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