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Israel is committing international crimes says Human Rights Watch

In a recent report, Human Rights Watch accused Israel of racially discriminating against and targeting Palestinians through its policies.

The New York-based international human rights group released a 213-page report on Tuesday, April 27. The report says that Israel’s treatment of Palestinians within its borders and in the occupied territories falls under the category of international crimes.

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In the report, Human Rights Watch (HRW), like many other human rights organizations and observers, has expressed the view that if Israel’s Arab minority and the total population of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank Approximately, that number makes up about half of Israel’s population.

But with its policies, the state of Israel is systematically depriving not only its Arab minority citizens, but also Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank of the basic rights that Jewish citizens enjoy.

HRW has made serious allegations that Israel’s policies, which fall into the category of international crimes, are crimes against humanity.

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At the same time, the group said its report was not intended to compare Israel and the apartheid-era South African state, but rather to determine whether specific Israeli policies and measures are in line with current international law.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has claimed that Human Rights Watch’s report is “false and absurd” and that the organization has long been working on an anti-Israel agenda. 

At the same time, the Israeli Foreign Ministry responded to the report by saying that the human rights group had been working for years to repeatedly boycott Israel.

This report has nothing to do with human rights,” said Michael Beaton, Israel’s minister for strategic affairs. Rather, it is part of the ongoing efforts of Human Rights Watch to denigrate the right of the state of Israel and its Jewish citizens.

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Contrary to Israeli claims, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has welcomed the report. In this context, a statement issued by President Mahmoud Abbas said, “There is an urgent need for intervention by the international community at this time, so that all countries, their institutions and organizations can ensure this.”

That in any way and in any form they should neither help nor be a part of these war crimes, which are being committed against humanity and Palestine.”

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