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Why India need disabled-friendly infrastructure?

India need disabled-friendly infrastructure; Are physical handicaps amplified by non-accessible buildings? With a workforce of around

By Muskan Dixit
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Ground Report | New Delhi: India need disabled-friendly infrastructure; Are physical handicaps amplified by non-accessible buildings? With a workforce of around 80 million people with disabilities, India has one of the highest numbers of Persons with Disabilities (PWD). To meet the needs of this large segment of the population, Indian property developers must increasingly employ disability-friendly building practices.

According to a World Bank report, one in 12 households in India has a disabled person. However, public construction practices, as well as private ones in the country, are not facilitative for persons with disabilities. By preventing people with disabilities from actively participating in the labour force, India loses valuable human capital.

We are living in the country needed to be concerned. Are we having a friendly relationship with the disabled person the question arises first in our minds? We need to be equipped with the infrastructure that might help them.

For the universal growth of the country as a whole, it is necessary that disabled be a blanket term. They are having problems with some parts of their body due to which they can't execute some activities or actions. They needed some advanced equipped material for easy-going life.

Is India a disabled-friendly country?

There is no doubt that India is rapidly developing their infrastructure in various fields but India's infrastructure in most places is not disabled-friendly. Technology is something which helps people for easy-going their life. It increases the functional abilities of individuals with disabilities.

Many places needed advancement in their Infrastructure so that it will be convenient for the person with disabilities can access trains, streets, ATMs, banks, public transportation, and so on, and.

If we try to understand according to the public point of you view there is no enhancement in their psychological point of view as well as in the system. However, there are some schemes organized by the government live UDID cards, Disha, Awareness Generation, and Publicity Scheme, etc, and State wise schemes also but on the ground level they needed lots of effort.

Disability in India

According to National Statistics and Programme implementation, As per the Census 2011, the differently-abled population in India is 26.8 million. In percentage terms, this stands at 2.21 %. There has been a marginal increase in the differently-abled population in India, with the figure rising from 21.9 million in 2001 to 26.8 million over 10 years.

As per the Census 2011, there are 14.9 million men with disabilities as compared
to 11.9 million women in the country. The total number of differently-abled people is
over 18.0 million in the rural areas and just 8.1 million enumerated in the urban settings.
The percentage of men with disabilities is 2.41 percent as against 2.01 in women.
Social groups-wise analysis shows 2.45 percent of the total disabled population belong to the Scheduled Castes (SC), 2.05 percent to the Scheduled Tribes (ST), and 2.18 percent to other than SC/ST.

Increasing suicidal rates

If we see the society and rates of the normal person and the disabled person there is a vast increase in it. It's a question upon us why do they need to commit suicide? Are we the reason behind that?

Today's India is disabled-friendly!

It will take a long time for India to be disabled-friendly but we are on the way to be enriched the differently-abled people.

  • We can see e that Metro is giving preference to the differently-abled people by creating special walk-ins for them.
  • In airports there a special ramp for or disabled people.
  • Heading toward bathrooms with proper space inside the bathroom, clean and higher toilets, low sinks, etc.

Let's step ahead for being friendly with disabled-friendly. Don't let them feel that they are alone in the vast world. let's push them to feel the pleasure of the world.

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