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'Inflation will increase 16 times due to new farm law'

New farm law: There is a fierce war between the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister

By Ground report
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New farm law: There is a fierce war between the Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal and Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh over the farmer movement. Both are raising questions on each other to support the peasant movement.

Both the Chief Ministers are trying to show that they are real friendly to the farmers. On Monday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal also organized a hunger strike in support of farmers. Kejriwal said on Monday that the new agriculture bill will increase inflation and these have been made keeping in mind the few capitalists.

'New farm Law is Anti people'

He called these laws anti-farmer and anti-people. Along with Arvind Kejriwal, his ministers, MLAs and party leaders also sat on hunger strike in support of the farmers. Addressing his workers at the Aam Aadmi Party headquarters in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said, "The new agricultural law will increase the price of essential commodities by almost 16 times in just four years."

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On the other hand, Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh has called drama on Kejriwal's hunger strike. Kejriwal targeted Captain Amarinder Singh, "Captain, I have been standing with the farmers since the beginning. Did not allow Delhi's statuary jail to be built, fought at the center.

I am serving the farmers by serving them. You set up the center to get your son's ED case forgiven, sold the farmers' movement? Why? ”. Amarinder Singh said in response,“ All Punjabis know that I am not going to bow down to ED or any other case. Kejriwal, if you have political advantage, then you can also sell your soul. If you are thinking that the farmers will come in your play then it is completely wrong.

Kejriwal said that the Chief Minister of Punjab was involved in the committee that drafted the agricultural bill. The Chief Minister of Delhi said that you have gifted the three agricultural bills to the country

Kejriwal asked why BJP does not ask him any question on his double standards regarding agriculture bill? Captain Amarind Singh said in reply to Kejriwal, "Kejriwal wants to hide his government's failure. They are afraid that in Punjab assembly elections, farmers will tell the real place. The committee in which you are talking about being in the agriculture bill was never discussed. And naturally, BJP cannot put any blame on me because I have not made any confidential agreement like you.

Responding to Captain Amarinder Singh, Kejriwal said, "It is a record that you were part of this committee that drafted the agricultural bill." You had the right to stop this bill. Why did you stand with the center then? ''

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