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Indian Matchmaking Season 3: Netflix’s cringe fest is back, it shouldn’t have!

Seema Aunty, from Mumbai, is back. As one of the participants in the show said, she is ‘matchmaking royalty’, maybe she is.

By Rajeev Tyagi
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Indian Matchmaking season 3 review

Seema Aunty, from Mumbai, is back. As one of the participants in the show said, she is ‘matchmaking royalty’, maybe she is. We should bow down to her. Or maybe not. In the world of hopeless romantics, and non-commital millennials, Seema Aunty is the reality check. Some 15 minutes into the show, Seema Aunty goes ‘One needs to make compromises’. That’s when I knew, she is back and she is the same.

Somehow I felt Seema Aunty was pretty bold and in-your-face honest. She had opinions about her clients and their choices. Obviously, she had these earlier as well, but this time when she said them on camera they seemed like a direct attack. 

Indian Matchmaking Season 3

The new season of Netflix’s original series is a cringe-fest. There is nothing new to offer anymore. I think Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives were better than this. They had layers of human behavior. People famous in their echo chambers trying to live to the aura which they have created for themselves. The editing of season two for FLBW was much-much better than season one. 

The last two seasons of Indian Matchmaking somehow presented some interesting characters. But, there is a template that gets annoying. There is no catharsis also, in a way. Instead of the documentation of the matchmaking process through social realities, it has become more like a reality show. The show with time has become a documentation of loneliness. Obviously, there are snippets of people from a certain generation talking about their ‘forever love’. I don’t buy it. That feels like their way of not accepting loneliness. 

On the slip side, the show never feels complete. I mean, there is no conclusion for stories or matches. They are just meeting one person and then making an opinion. There will come a time or already has, where I’d see someone in the show whom I already know. The closed circle of privileged people. 


This is barely Indian Matchmaking. It is more like Crazy Rich-Hindu South Asians, or ABCD: American Born Confused Desi. They are very confused. If you have seen the last two seasons, this season is nothing new. Maybe more old-single people. They would do anything to have a partner, but will not compromise. And, eventually will.

Whatever it may be, I watch it for sheer pleasure. But, this time it made me so uncomfortable. The conversations around how people look, and how hard they try to be ‘presentable’, and likable are just underwhelming. Watch it as a shallow reality show. Maybe next time you’re going for a matchmaking process, be nice to the other person.

I have no idea why am I disappointed in the show. I have no idea why was I so invested in the show, in the first place.

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