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India to participate in talks with Taliban in Moscow

India to participate in talks with Taliban in Moscow

Ground Report | New Delhi: India with Taliban in Moscow; 11 countries will participate in this round of “Moscow format” talks to be hosted by Russia. Russia had also sent an invitation to India to participate in it, which India has accepted.

Russia has said that at this meeting the international community will try to convince a Taliban delegation that it should form a more inclusive government in Afghanistan.

India with Taliban in Moscow

The Moscow format was introduced in 2017 and then consisted of only six countries – Russia, Afghanistan, India, Iran, China, and Pakistan. In 2018, Russia had also invited the Taliban to talks in this format, and even then India participated in that talks at an “informal level”.

India has so far not given any indication of any cooperation with the Taliban. India had also evacuated its embassies and consulates in Afghanistan and the employees were brought back to India.

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On August 31, India’s ambassador to Qatar, Deepak Mittal, held talks with Taliban representatives in the capital, Doha, before the Taliban formed the government in Afghanistan. But after that, when the Taliban government was formed, India had expressed its disapproval about it.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had clearly said that the government formed by the Taliban is not inclusive. The meeting in Moscow will be the first meeting between India and the Taliban since the formation of the Taliban government.

Turkey meets with Taliban leaders

However, on the other hand, For the first time since the withdrawal of US and NATO forces from Afghanistan, an important meeting between the Turkish Foreign Minister and the Taliban’s Acting Foreign Minister was held in Ankara.

In this meeting held on Thursday, Turkey insisted on Afghanistan’s interim Taliban government to form an inclusive government. After the meeting, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Chovashuglu said that in his meeting with the Afghan delegation, the formation of an inclusive government in Afghanistan and the rights of Afghan women and girls were discussed.

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According to the news agency AP, Turkey’s foreign minister said that his country is ready to support the Taliban to avert a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, but it will not recognize his government.

Foreign Minister Chovashuglu said, “We told them that it is necessary to form an inclusive government for the unity of the country. We again talked to him about the education of girls and children and involving women in the work.”

The Afghan delegation was led by Acting Foreign Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi. Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahar Balki said that the Islamic Emirate delegation discussed diplomatic ties, humanitarian aid and resuming air travel between Turkey and Afghanistan.

discussion on migrant crisis

In the meeting, there has also been a discussion between the two leaders regarding the possible ‘migrant crisis’.

According to the report of the news agency Reuters, the Taliban has assured Turkey that it will help the Afghans settled in Turkey after fleeing from Afghanistan. Turkey is already home to some 3.6 million migrants. Most of these are people who escaped from Syria. Turkey fears that a wave of migrants may begin after the Taliban take over Afghanistan.

Turkey has already said that it is not ready to give shelter to more migrants. Turkey is a member of the NATO group of countries and Turkey has maintained its embassy in Kabul even after most of the western countries of the world closed their embassies in Kabul after the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Mevlut Chovashuglu called for the restoration of Afghanistan’s financial assets. He said that the country’s economy should not collapse and countries that have frozen the assets of the Afghan government should show some flexibility. Turkey has already said that the countries of the world need to continue discussions with the Taliban.

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