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LGBTQ community in Afghanistan forced into hiding

LGBTQ community in Afghanistan forced into hiding

Ground Report | New Delhi: LGBTQ community in Afghanistan; Marwa and her friend are both gay. The two abruptly decided to get married during the Taliban’s invasion of Kabul in August. No formal ceremony was held and neither relatives nor friends could share in the joy. “I was afraid the Taliban would come and kill us,” Marwa, 24, told AFP.

The LGBT community in Afghanistan is still terrified of the Taliban’s past. From 1996 to 2001, the Taliban ruled. Homosexuals were stoned in those days. Stoning or stoning is a punishment in which the offender is buried in the ground up to the waist or chest and then stoned to death.

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LGBTQ community in Afghanistan

The Taliban have not yet clarified their policy on homosexuals, but former senior judge Gul Rahim told a German broadcaster that the death penalty for homosexuals is likely to be reinstated. The Taliban have made it clear that the Islamic system will be implemented in their time.

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As a result, members of the LGBT community in Afghanistan have gone into hiding and erased all evidence of their former way of life from social media. A gay boy was recently tortured. “When the Taliban came, we had to be locked in our homes,” said a boy from Herat. I didn’t go out at all for two or three weeks. “

Afghanistan is a country with a conservative society, but in recent years there has been a decline in gay intolerance. Akbari is a well-known Afghan LGBT worker who moved to Turkey a few years ago. Gradually, he said, people began to recognize homosexuals. 

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