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India reports over 3.14 lakh new Covid-19 cases, highest-ever in the world

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In India, the havoc of covid-19 is increasing every day, in the last 24 hours, 3.14 lakh new cases of corona have been registered in India. This is the record number of transitions across the world in the last 24 hours till date. In the last 24 hours, 2104 people have died from Corona.

Every day 25 to 30 thousand new patients are being added in the country, in such a possibility that now more than three and half lakh patients will start getting in India every day. 

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During the second wave, such a situation occurred in America only once, within a day, 3 lakh patients were found. 

According to the statistics of the worldmeters, the shocking thing is that while it took 38 days to reach 3 lakhs from 2 lakh new cases per day in the US, the number of new patients per day in India has increased from two lakhs to three lakhs in just one week.

The second wave started from October. For the first time on October 7, more than 50 thousand patients arrived within twenty four hours in America

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 After this it took almost a month for the increasing number of patients to cross the one lakh mark. Then on November 4, 109036 new patients were found in the US for the first time.

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India : It took only 14 days to reach the number of patients getting infected daily from 50 thousand to one lakh. On 24 March, 50 thousand cases were reported within a day and then on 6 April this figure crossed one lakh for the first time in the country.

2 lakh level: America took 27 days, India took 10 days

America : It took 27 days for daily infections to increase from one lakh to two lakhs. There were one lakh cases here on November 4 and for the first time two lakh cases were registered on December 2.

India : It took 10 days to reach 2 lakh patients every day. On April 6, more than one lakh cases came for the first time and on April 15, 2.16 cases came for the first time in the country.

3 lakh level: US 38 days, India just one week

America : More than two lakh cases started coming from December 2 and 3,07581 cases were registered on January 8 for the first time. 

In the US, more than three lakh cases came on just one day. After January 8, there has been a decrease in infection every day.

India : On April 15, more than two lakh cases were reported and till 12 pm on April 21, 3.15 lakh patients came here. 

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In this way, India is faster than the US and for the first time in the world, more than 3.15 lakh corona cases have been reported in a country in a single day. 

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The second wave in India is believed to start from 15 February. India had a 1.6 percent positive rate on 15 February. That is, only one and a half percent of the people who were being investigated were found to be infected. 

On April 18, this rate increased to 16.2 percent, which means that a large number of infections are now being detected.

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