India records 295,041 new COVID-19 cases amid oxygen shortage

The COVID-19 virus has caused a furore in India. Every day the figures of new cases were being recorded, but this time the deaths from covid have also broken all the records so far. 

In the past 24 hours, 2,95,041 cases of corona infection have been reported in India. These figures are for Tuesday. A total of 2023 people have died due to covid infection on Tuesday. For the first time more than 2000 people have died.

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2023 covid patients died in the country in 24 hours till 12 o’clock on Tuesday night. This is the highest number of deaths of corona infected in a single day since the onset of the epidemic. For the first time in the country more than two thousand people have died due to corona in one day.

According to the data, 2,94,115 new infections of the corona virus were found on Tuesday in this period. This is the highest number of new infected mills in the country in a day. 

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Record-breaking deaths are being recorded from Corona for five consecutive days. This is the highest number of corona infections a day since the onset of the epidemic. 

The total number of people who died due to the epidemic has increased to 1,82,570, while the total number of people infected so far is 1,56,09,004. 

The number of under-treated patients in the country reached 21,50,119. This is 13.8 percent of the total number of infected people. 

Multiple government hospitals in Delhi on Tuesday said their oxygen stock would last only for only few hours and “people will die” if they do not get oxygen. A list shared by the government showed that in some hospitals, oxygen will last only for four to five hours. 
94% increase in death during the week 

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In The death of corona patients 

April 21 2020

April 20 1761 

April 19 1620

April 18 1498

April 17 1338

April 16 1184

April 15 1038

Five states with top infection rates 
State infection rates (in percentage)
Maharashtra 16.3
Goa 11.6
Nagaland 9
Kerala 8.8
Chhattisgarh 8.5

The rate of recovery declined to 85 percent:

According to statistics, the number of people recovering from this disease has increased to 1,32,69,863. The national death toll from Corona has fallen to 1.20 percent, but in Maharashtra it is 1.5 percent and in West Bengal 1.6 percent. 

77 per cent of the deaths occurred in only eight states:

Maharashtra recorded the highest number of deaths of 519 during 24 hours in the country. 

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After this, 277 people died in Delhi, 191 in Chhattisgarh, 162 in UP, Gujarat 121, 149 in Karnataka, 60 in Punjab and 77 in Madhya Pradesh. 

A total of 1556 deaths occurred in these eight states, which is 77.02 percent of the total 2020 deaths.

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