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I am feeling equally pain of those affected by Covid: PM Modi

कूच बिहार में बोले पीएम मोदी हार चुकी हैं ममता बनर्जी चुनाव
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Vaccine will be our shield against the coronavirus

Ground Report | New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing an online farmer event on Friday, said that he is also feeling the pain the countrymen are going through due to the covid epidemic.

Prime Minister Modi said, “After 100 years, such a terrible epidemic is taking the test of the world at every step.” There is an invisible enemy in front of us. We have lost many of our close ones.”

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“The pain that the countrymen have endured for some time, the pain that many people have gone through, they have gone through a lot of trouble, I am feeling the same way. Free vaccination is being done in government hospitals across the country. So whenever your turn comes, do apply the vaccine.”

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“The blocks in our resources are being removed on a war-footing,” PM Modi said. He assured that his government’s effort was to make sure that maximum people were vaccinated.

“So far, around 18 crore vaccine doses have been given. Government hospitals are giving free shots across the country. So please do get the vaccine when it is your turn,” he urged.

“This vaccine will be our shield against the coronavirus and will protect us from serious infection. And even after vaccination, we cannot abandon precautions like masks and social distancing.”

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The PM said, “This vaccine will give us a protective cover against corona, will reduce the possibility of serious illness. The corona vaccine is a great means of defense”. 

PM said “The Central Government and all the State Governments together are making continuous efforts to enable more and more countrymen to get vaccinated quickly. So far, 18 crore vaccine doses have been given across the country.”

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