Hypocrite Glenn Thompson joins gay son’s wedding after voting against the same-sex marriage bill

The hypocrisy of Republican Party politicians is constantly coming to the fore in the United States. Republican lawmaker Glenn Thompson votes in the House against a bill codifying same-sex marriage and joins his gay son’s same-sex marriage three days later.

These are the leaders who want to make a path for the world on which they themselves cannot walk.

Glenn Thompson’s son told NBC News that he married the person he loved. And his father was present in this marriage.

Congressman Glenn Thompson and his wife were overjoyed to have their son-in-law join the family. Glen Thompson’s son told this to NBC News in response to an email.

Now people on Twitter are questioning Pennsylvania Congressman Glenn Thompson for his hypocrisy.

Codify Same-sex Marriage

According to VOA News, The House of Representatives, on July 19, passed the Respect for Marriage Act, 267-157, with 47 Republicans adding their support to the unanimous House Democrats. The bill is now before the Senate, which could vote on it as soon as next week.

The bill would need backing from at least 10 Republicans to pass, in addition to all of the body’s Democrats. So far, five GOP senators have said they will support the bill, and several others have said they are open to doing so.

Glenn Thompson is not the only one, Even before this, a video of Republican Party candidate Madison Cawthorne went viral in which he was seen having a homosexual relationship with his cousin, but he was speaking against gay marriage in the elections.

Another Video of Madison Cawthorn with his staff Stephan Smith. In this video, Cawthorn sits in the driver’s seat and says, ‘I feel the passion and desire and would like to see a naked body beneath my hands. Then Smith grabs Cawthorn.

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