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Don’t Look Up: Ridiculous scene from the movie became a reality

Don’t Look Up: Nearly 1500 people died in Europe due to the heatwave, the British News Channel anchor wants to feel good about the weather.

By Pallav Jain
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don't look up vs CBN

Don’t Look Up: The temperature in Europe has crossed 40 degrees, due to which nearly 1500 people died in Europe and more than 1000 died in Portugal in recent weeks. After such extreme and fearful conditions, the British News Channel anchor wants to feel good about the weather. She tells meteorologist John on a show that "the sun is shining but it does not seem that there is much heat". John says that "yes the temperature is normal now but it is going to be more severe in the coming time and thousands of lives can be lost due to this."

Watch Video: Don’t Look Up vs CBN

Anchor says "I want to feel happy about the weather, don't you think meteorologists are a little fatalistic? It is not that there was no such heat before, then why are such extreme forecasts happening this time? Wasn't it the same extreme heat in 76?"

On this John says that "yes it is a fact but in the coming time the heat wave is going to be more frequent and longer for which we have to be prepared."

Reel vs Reality

A similar TV discussion was recently seen in the Adam McKay-directed film Don't Look Up, in which Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio try to convince TV anchors that a huge asteroid is about to hit Earth. But the anchors ignore it and try to avoid it as a joke. Both the actors scream and try to explain that this is very serious, the earth is in danger of being destroyed. But usually, TV news anchors who do not take everything seriously try to make it a fun show.

The situation in Europe is very serious due to the heat wave. Temperature is breaking all its records. People are falling ill and it is difficult to leave the house. There are fires in many forests, as well as there are reports of fires in many residential areas too. But a TV news anchor wants to feel good about it. She doesn't want to be sad. She feels that the meteorologists are unnecessarily intimidating. Forcibly exaggerating things. It is hot every year.

She wants something like the movie Titanic, In which everyone knows that ship is going to sink, yet musicians were ordered to play the violin to keep people happy.

Movies are the mirror of our society. News channels want to create the atmosphere as per their wish. If they want, they can make a small scandal a national event and if they want, they can tell the tsunami as a usual sea wave.

Don't Look Up takes a dig at this behavior. This movie tells how our system makes everyone fool.

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