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How you can earn money from Chingari App? All you need to know

How you can earn money from Chingari App; Before knowing how to earn money on a spark, let us first know what is spark app is and how

By Ground report
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How you can earn money from Chingari App

Ground Report | New Delhi: How you can earn money from Chingari App; Before knowing how to earn money on a spark, let us first know what is spark app is and how it works. After all, there can be no better way to spend leisure time than with a good laugh.

Indian audiences have shown immense interest in one such short video app- Chingari, which hit the market sometime back but managed to garner over 50 million downloads in no time! And our audience is loving the features.

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How To Get Chingari Coins? 

To earn money, first of all, you need to download the application from the google play store or app store on your device.

  • Download the spark app for free and choose your language to launch the app. It lets you sign-up with your email or phone number via OTP. Sign up for your account to receive 100 coins as a joining bonus.
  • Now, once you complete the sign up for your new account, you can earn money by getting spark coins for the various activities you do on the app. Here's how you can earn:

How you can earn money from Chingari App

points per view

  • Unlike competing apps like Mitron and Josh, the spark app has a direct monetization program. Spark pays its content creators based on the virality of their videos.
  • Content creators will earn points per view on uploading their videos on the spark app. Each scene earns one point to the content creator.
  • These points/coins earned can be redeemed for money.
  • Creators can also earn money on the spark app by recording the original audio and uploading it to the spark library. This gives you 100 spark coins. The length of the audio can be up to 60 seconds.
  • Spark also rewards its best creators and keeps them at the top of the trending section. If you make a viral video, you can also earn a huge hefty bonus of 10,000 coins. 1,000 coins is equal to ₹1 and you need at least 10,000 coins to redeem your points in cash.

Tips to earn

  • To earn more money on a spark, content creators need to earn more points/coins.
  • To earn more points, creators need to get more views for their videos.
  • So in the end it all boils down to creating valuable material that has potential virulence.
  • Identify your niche, create and post quality videos, actively engage your audience by responding to comments and taking feedback, build a loyal follower base, and finally be consistent.

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How to redeem spark cash?

You must have at least 1000 coins to redeem in spark cash. Do you think you have enough coins in your wallet? Here's what to do next:

  1. To convert your coins into cash, click on your spark wallet and click on the coin icon. You will get a summary and history of your activities earning coins.
  1. Click on the Redeem coin button, enter the coin to redeem and click on Redeem Now. Your coins will be automatically converted into cash and transferred to the wallet.
  1. Click on spark cash icon and tap on Withdraw button. (Remember, you need at least ₹10 for withdrawal) You will get the option to link your active Paytm number.
  1. Enter the mobile number associated with your Paytm Wallet, enter the amount you wish to withdraw, then click on Create Withdrawal Request. And spark will start processing your request immediately.
  • this much only. You will get the cash amount in your UPI account within 15 working days!

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