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'Meri Umar ke Berozgaro' Song by Adarsh Anand is going viral

Meri Umar ke Berozgaro: One video song is going viral on social media which is created by actor and comedian Adarsh Anand.

By Pallav Jain
New Update
Meri umar ke berojgaro viral song by adarsh anand

One video song is going viral on social media which is created by actor and comedian Adarsh Anand. This song is about unemployed youth in India. This has been rehashed from famous song Meri Umar ke Naujawanao to 'Meri Umar ke Berozgaro'

Watch full video 'Meri Umar Ke Berozgaro'

Who is Adarsh Anand?

Adarsh Anand is an Actor, Comedian and content creator. He does many standup comedy shows and regularly update fun content on his Youtube, Insta channels.

According to his bio he enjoy doing stage shows, anchoring and events. He can mimic more than 150 bollywood stars politicians, singers and cartoon character includes great stars like Amitabh Bachhan, Salman khan, Shahrukh khan and more, audience loves the voice of Lalu Yadav , motu-patlu's voice is enjoyed by children and singer's voice like Sonu Nigam, Khishore kumar and more are appreciated by elders.

Basically he got fame from TikTok, he had millions of followers on tiktok. After ban he started making video on youtube. At present he has more than 1.5 million+ subscribers on youtube.

Adarsh is a self-made superstar who was born in a small village of Bhagalpur, Bihar. He studied in a government school, never attended any professional dance or acting classes. He attended the ‘Zee Comedy Show’, which is a very popular TV show in India with Bollywood actor Chunky Pandey and his daughter Ananya Pandey.

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Lyrics of 'The Berozgar Song'

ला ला ला ला....

मेरी उमर के बेरोज़गारों जाती धर्म के चश्मे उतारो

देखो ये कमीशन दे रहे हैं हमको टेंशन

यूपी ट्रिपल एससी या एसएससी रेलवे, हर कोई खेलता है छात्रों से खेलवे

लेते नहीं एग्ज़ाम यू हीं बरबाद साल करते

और दे चुके हैं ऐग्ज़ाम यहां बिन रिज़ल्ट तरसें

तो गाओ दो नौकरी, नौकरी हमको

दो नौकरी नौकरी हमको..

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