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How to Take Mass Gainer Properly?

Mass Gainer : If you don’t want to look lean, you need to include a good mass gainer supplement in your diet and nutritious food.

By Pallav Jain
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Mass Gainer : So, you want to gain weight and look muscular? Does that strong and stout look attract you? Then not just any weight is the right weight for you. If this was the case, you would have just sat on the couch with your favorite popcorn and watched your favorite movie. But do you want to have those ugly bulges in your waist? No! Right? 

Rather, you want to gain healthy weight, muscle, and size. If you don’t want to look lean, you need to include a good mass gainer supplement in your diet and nutritious food. But before you decide to use a mass gainer, it is important to understand how to take a mass gainer perfectly? 

If you remember certain factors, you can make the mass gainer work best for you. As you read this article, you will explore those things that are important to remember for taking any mass gainer correctly.

Before diving into that, let us first understand the benefits of a mass gainer to your body. 

A good mass gainer helps provide your body with a huge amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat. It will help maximize your calorie intake. Also, these nutrients can improve your workout plan to provide the best results.  

How Much Maintenance Calories Do You Need?

To calculate this, you need to start with the basics and ensure that you are establishing yourself upon a strong foundation. If you don’t know your caloric needs, you will take too less or too much mass gainer than what your body needs.  

So, it is essential to maintain a calorie calculator. All you need to do is enter your gender, age, weight, and height there to find out the amount of energy you will utilize each day. This is the energy level you will need to maintain your current weight. 

How Can Mass Gainer Help Your Body?

A proper mass gainer can help your body with a huge amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates to increase your calorie intake. These nutrients are essential for your workout plan to provide the best results. 

Before you make the final call and add some hundred calories to your maintenance level by piling up multiple scoops of a mass gainer, first figure out your health goals and then act accordingly. 

You would need to consume a mass gainer for any of the below reasons:

  1. Get more lean mass and cut down the fat
  2. Attain maximum bulking of your body 

 When Do You Need a Mass Gainer?

 You need to consume mass gainer after or before your gym sessions as a pre-or post-workout supplement. All mass gainers do contain some amino acids. But you shouldn’t consider it a replacement for any post-workout protein shake. 

You should take a protein supplement once you have cooled down and then consume the mass gainer after some time, but still within one hour of the gym. This way, you will be ensured that you have all the nutrition to help repair all kinds of muscle damage and build new fibers. Also, you will not overload your stomach with a huge amount of protein which can cause cramping.

Moreover, a lot of food can usually add maximum volume and fiber to your body. But all nutrients don’t act upon your digestive system equally. If you consume a mass gainer, you will get good servings of macronutrients in the purest form. 

 How to Consume a Mass Gainer Effectively? 

Before taking a mass gainer, you should consider the below crucial factors:

1.       Gradually Increase Your Consumption 

When you start to consume mass gainer, go for smaller doses. You should seek to divide your decided intake over two smaller shakes with enough water. Moreover, make sure you are not mixing the mass gainer with milk, as it might make it tough for you to digest the drink and end up causing bloating in your stomach. 

2.       Don’t Consume Stimulants 

Stimulants are mainly consumed in pre-workouts and as fat burners to boost high metabolic rate, better muscle activity, and brain functioning. There are some mass gainers in the market that have some stimulants.

Try to avoid such mass gainers as they can make you feel anxious and nervous. Also, you might feel insomnia because of less sleep.

3.      Don’t Overlap Ingredients with Other Supplements 

Even if you are consuming a mass gainer, you will still need whey protein shakes and creatine to ensure your muscle is performing great and recovering well. But sometimes, these supplements have highly overlapping ingredients.

 So, it is crucial to read the labels to ensure that you are not getting a very large dose of any specific compound. It will deteriorate your health. 

Are you planning to buy a mass gainer soon? 

Keep the above things in mind while choosing the best one for yourself!

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