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How the pandemic wreaked havoc on poor women

How the pandemic wreaked havoc

Ground Report | New Delhi: How pandemic wreaked havoc; The Covid-19 virus epidemic in India has affected all sections. But if anyone has suffered the most in terms of all the troubles including jobs in the lockdown, then it is the women of low-income families of the country.

How pandemic wreaked havoc on poor women

According to research conducted by consulting firm Dalberg, women in low-income households in India lost their jobs more often than men, reduced their food intake and leisure. Women from low-income families spent more time looking after the household and taking care of their children. This is work for which they do not get paid.

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In the research, the impact of the first wave has been investigated in the survey in 10 states. According to this research, women said that they are facing a lot of difficulty in finding work or wages again.

10 percent of the women surveyed said that they ate less food or ran out of ration at home. Whereas 16 percent of women did not have a sanitary pad during menstruation. More than 33 percent of married women could not use contraception because the pandemic impeded their access to public health.

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No salary, increased housework

About 47 percent of women reported an increase in household chores, compared to 43 percent of men. 41 percent of women said that unpaid work has increased while 37 percent of men said the same thing. 27 percent of the women surveyed said that they got little rest during the coronavirus epidemic. 18 percent of those who said so were also men.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, 24 percent of women were part of the workforce, but they accounted for 28 percent of those who lost their jobs. Of these, 43 percent are still not employed.

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