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Crowd in Hill stations: People not following covid norms

Crowd in Hill stations

Ground Report | New Delhi: Crowd in Hill stations; As the cases of Covid-19 are decreasing in the country, people are again turning to hill stations to roam. For the past few days, similar pictures are becoming quite viral on social media, in which a large number of tourists are being seen in the hilly areas of different parts of the country.

Emphasizing that the pandemic is not over yet, Health officials described the images of people in large numbers at popular hill stations as “horrifying”.

Crowd in Hill stations

Thousands of tourists are visiting hill stations to escape the heat in the plains, as daily coronavirus cases continue to drop in the country, which was battling an unprecedented Covid second wave last month. After the HP government announced the easing of COVID-19 restrictions last month, tourists started moving to higher altitudes, especially Shimla, Kullu-Manali, and Dharamsala.

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The Union Health Ministry has said that if people do not follow the corona protocol, then the government can impose restrictions again. Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Luv Agarwal said that according to media reports, a large number of tourists are seen at the hill stations in the last few days. People have assumed that if there is some relaxation in the lockdown, then the Covid is over. It’s not like that, Covid still exists and we should not ignore the protocol.

Sharing some pictures, he said that people are gathering in hill stations and markets, flouting social distancing, walking without masks. Due to this all the measures of the government can go in vain. The pictures shown by the ministry included hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, markets in Delhi and Mumbai.

Agarwal said, “People need to understand that the virus and disease are still here. People walking around hill stations and markets without maintaining physical distance and without wearing masks can reduce the gains so far in managing the pandemic. “

The Ministry of Health has sought everyone’s cooperation from Corona in this fight. Luv Aggarwal said that Covid is not tired yet, it can get worse. To prevent this, we have to take the vaccine by following all the rules of Covid.

Situation same in J&K

With the reduction of Covid cases in Jammu and Kashmir, the state government has also started easing the corona restrictions. At the same time, with the unlock, there is a huge crowd of people at the markets and tourist places. Everyone is leaving the house and going towards the mountains. People are not following the instructions for the protection of corona without masks and any other corona and are doing completely arbitrary.

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With the activities returning to normal after the unlock, people are forgetting to follow the covid appropriate behavior. Unnecessary crowds are increasing in public places. A large number of people are gathering at the community level to have a picnic. Social distancing is not being followed in the markets. And the biggest danger is from those who do not wear masks.

There is a tremendous crowd of tourists at all the hill stations of Jammu and Kashmir. Whether it is Sonamarg, Pahalgam, or any other hill tourist destination of the valley, the situation is the same everywhere.

The condition is that a large number of people are seen on the streets, as well as rooms are not available in the hotel. Due to this, there is definitely a smile on the faces of the people associated with the tourism industry, but this crowd of tourists is not giving a feast to Corona.

Due to such a huge crowd, these areas can become a big hot spot of corona spread. Also, if no concrete steps are taken by the administration soon, then the third wave of Corona may wreak havoc in the state soon.

Health Ministry Survey

While sharing a survey, the Ministry of Health said that people are not following the rules of Covid properly. According to the survey, 69 percent of the people in the country are not using masks properly. At the same time, 87 percent of people are not fully following the rules of social distancing.

54 percent of people believe that the guidelines of Covid are not being followed and 83 percent of people are not taking precautions during the journey. The Health Ministry said that if people do not follow the rules of Corona, then the situation may worsen.

However, experts have warned of an imminent third wave of Covid in the country, which could affect children more. SBI Research had said in a recent report that a third wave is likely to hit India by mid-August, while cases may peak in September.

A previous report by SBI had more or less correctly predicted that the second wave of infections in India could peak in the third week of May. An earlier Reuters report also predicts a wave in India by October.

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