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History: “Bhangaram Devi Temple” where even gods get punished

Bhangaram Devi Temple; There are many temples in India, but some are famous for their special practices and beliefs, a Bhangaram

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History: “Bhangaram Devi Temple” where even gods get punished

There are many temples in India, but some are famous for their special practices and beliefs, a Bhangaram Devi temple in Keshkal Nagar of Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Bhangaram Devi is the Aaradhya Devi of hundreds of deities established in 55 revenue villages.

Bhangaram is a Goddess temple in Keshkal Nagar of the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh. Jatra is organized every year in the month of Bhadon. There are hundreds of Goddess gods and goddesses established in 55 income villages of Nine Paraganas of the Bhangaram Devi area.

Bhangaram Devi Temple

As a punishment, statues of gods and goddesses are banned from the temple premises for six months, and sometimes the ban can be for life. Apart from this, this sentence can also be "punishment and death". There the statues of the Goddesses who received the death penalty are broken. In this way, the work of the god's court is completed.

Bhangaram Devi Temple, Photo credit: orissapost

Devi Bhangaram is the worship of hundreds of deities present in the Panchpan village. In this special event, all the villagers come together and bring the idols of God with them. During this yatra offerings to gods and goddesses are made. The villagers complain to Bhangaram Devi. After which the process of punishing God begins. After this big event that lasts from morning to night, Devi makes her decision.


According to belief, Bhangaram Devi enters the temple priest, only after which the goddess pronounces a sentence for them. Depending on the crime, the punishment ranges from six months' expulsion from the temple to the death penalty. In the death penalty, the idols are dismembered and in expulsion, the idols are taken out of the temple and kept in an open prison. During this, the idol's jewels are kept in the temple itself. Whatever the deities bring with them, they have to leave it here.

Similarly, the villagers believe that the priest's temple is possessed by the gods and goddesses. For any problem or crime, the villagers seek the advice of the temple priest. Thousands of devotees come with their problems and seek the help of priests to solve their problems. Devotees also believe that the gods and goddesses punish wrongdoers.

Bhangaram Devi Temple, Photo credit: wikipedia

After completing the punishment period, the idol is placed back in the temple. The gods and goddesses have the opportunity to rectify their mistakes with an indefinite sentence. They enter the temple only when they promise public welfare. The deities give these words to the temple priest in a dream. The deity in question is worshipped before returning to the temple and the idol is also installed in the temple with full respect. During this, the temple of the goddess is filled with thousands of people.

Bhangaram Devi Temple, Photo credit: Lifeberrys

What is the reason for complaints?

Most people complain about their vows being broken. Apart from this, God is also blamed for physical illnesses, bad harvests or any other problem and the greatest thing is that there are restrictions on the entry of women on this trip. Even she cannot accept the prasad of the journey during this time. People believe that the presence of women can spoil the atmosphere. There is an old legend associated with Goddess Bhangaram.

The goddess is said to have appeared to the king of Bastar. The goddess told him that she wanted to enter the kingdom, after which the king came with his subjects to welcome the goddess, but during this time there was a strong storm. The goddess first appeared in the form of a man riding a horse, after which she transformed into a woman. The temple of the goddess built in the Keshkal valley is the place of manifestation of the goddess.

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