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Here are some haunted places in Kashmir that give you sleepless night

Most Haunted Places in Kashmir: Kashmir is popularly known as ‘paradise on Earth’ and there is no doubt about it but, in Kashmir, you will also find haunted places where ghosts have taken residence.

If you don’t believe, here are some haunted places in Kashmir.

Khooni Naala

A long stretch on Jammu Kashmir Highway, after passing through Banihal tunnel is infamously known as Khooni Nala .

This place has got it’s name, because of the number of road accidents that have taken place on this spot. A woman in black saree with an infant in her hand has been spotted by many people on this road. She has become a cause of many accidents. She asks for lift from vehicles passing by this road and people who get cursed die.

The Haunted Mosque

Evil in the house of God, Weird but true, a mosque in one of the villages had remained unattended for quite a long time. It is haunted by several evil spirits. People entering the mosque have been found dead and many have got diseases after entering this place.

Bijbehara Massacre

Another massacre in this state, which has left the place haunted by dead. Several Kashmiri protesters shouting anti-India slogans were massacred. Spirits of those dead can be seen on several occasions during night.

Haunted tree

On The way to Gurez from Srinagar, you can find a haunted tree. The tree itself looks creepy with no leaves and weird atmosphere surrounding this tree. It is believed that whoever touches this tree on Amavasya, gets possessed by an evil spirit. Beware!!!

Kunan Poshpora

This is a twin village in Kupwara District. People have claimed that a mass gang rape took place several years back and the entire place still lives with that haunted experience. Victimized women, who died after this incident haunt this village.

Udhampur (Army Quarters)

Many people have seen spirits walking in groups. The specialty is that, these spirits are white human like figures which emit light and they march upwards to the sky and disappear. People have spotted these spirits by around 2:00-2:30 in the morning. They don’t hurt, help but an experience worth witnessing.

Gawkadal bridge

On 20th of January 1990, several Kashmiri protesters shouting anti-India slogans, heading towards Lal Chowk were massacred after the protest turned violent. This place has been haunted since then and still the spirits of those dead can be felt.

Ghost Abdullah

Existence of this Jinn has been confirmed by many of the locales and following is a confession by one of those many witnesses.

“Anyone who visited this house would find his/her shoes thrown out of that place. I tried to rubbish these supernatural claims, until I witnessed the strange paranormal occurrence. I saw, shoes flying, eerie sounds coming out of that place and it is told that whoever enters the premises will suffer from some form of sickness”.

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