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What is the truth of the Hair Dryer blast viral video?

Hair Dryer explosion video viral

Hair Dryer blast viral video Truth: A video of a hair salon is going viral on social media. In this video as soon as the barber turns on the hair dryer. There is a big explosion in which the whole shop gets burnt down.

This video is so horrifying that the next time anyone goes for a haircut, they will think ten times. But where this incident actually happened and what could be the reason for this accident?

This video is from the Narayanganj area of ​​Bangladesh. And this accident happened due to a gas leak in the air conditioner. A short circuit in the hair dryer sets the already leaking air conditioner gas on fire, causing the entire shop to burn down. Both Barber and the person who was getting their hair cut were seriously injured in this accident. According to Vosa TV this incident happened this year in July but the video is going viral now.

A similar incident happened in India too, Four of a family died at their home in Mariyammanahalli village near Hosapete in Karnataka following a suspected leak in their air-conditioner, followed by an electric short-circuit.

Police suspect the family members increased the AC’s cooling and carbon monoxide (CO), a gas present in the AC, must have leaked. Unfortunately for them, an electric short-circuit happened around the same time, and the family was burnt to death.

However such incidents are very uncommon, Proper maintenance of the Air Conditioner can prevent such hazards.

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