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Govt responsible for worsening situation in India: Anupam Kher

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Says “i think the criticism is valid in lots of cases”

Ground Report | News Desk: Actor Anupam Kher often praises Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They also defend the BJP on every front. His wife Kiran Kher is also a BJP Lok Sabha MP from Chandigarh.

On Wednesday, Anupam Kher said in an interview to NDTV that the government has ‘slipped’ in the covid crisis. Anupam said that it is very important that the accountability of the government should be fixed.

Anupam Kher said, “Somewhere they have slipped … Perhaps the time has come when they should understand that it is more than just the life of the people to build their image.” I believe that criticism of the government is correct in many cases.”

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“The government has chosen the government and it will have to do it.” I believe that what is inhuman will not be affected by the corpses flowing in the Ganges. But it is not right for any other party to use this thing for their benefit. We should feel angry as a public so that whatever is happening, the government should be responsible for it.”

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He said criticism is valid in lots of cases and it is important for the government to rise to the occasion and do things that they are chosen by the people of this country for. “I think only an inhuman person will not get affected by bodies floating. But for another political party to use it for their gain is also not right,” the veteran actor said.

In the case of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this change in Anupam Kher’s attitude is shocking. Two weeks ago, in response to a tweet criticizing PM Modi, he wrote that ‘Modi will come.’ Anupam Kher’s comment was heavily criticized on Twitter.

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The second wave of Corona in India has proved to be fatal and tragic. India’s healthcare has stalled badly and hospitals are struggling for basic needs as well.

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In such a situation, Anupam Kher has started the work of helping with other syllabrites. Anupam Kher has started the ‘Heal India’ campaign. Under this, they are providing ventilators and oxygen concentrators.

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