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Govt. Bank jobs reduced, soon clerks can be outsourced too

Govt. Bank jobs reduced: In the last five years, 50 thousand employees have been reduced in public sector banks.

By Pallav Jain
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Govt. Bank jobs reduced: How government jobs are shrinking in the country can be gauged from the fact that in the last five years, 50 thousand employees have been reduced in public sector banks.

After the railways, people used to get a lot of jobs in the banking sector, but the continuous merger and digitization of government banks have reduced government jobs in this sector.

However, jobs in private banks have increased during this period. In the last five years, 1.13 lakh employees have increased in private banks.

How Govt. Bank jobs reduced see data

Bank Name 2018 2022 अंतर
SBI 2,64,041 2,44,250 -19,791
PNB 1,01,802 1,03,144 +1,342
केनरा बैंक 88,213 86,919 -1,294
BOB 82,886 79,806 -3,080
UBI 78,202 75,201 -3,001
Total Employees 6,15,144 5,89,320 -25,824
Source: All India Bank Employees Association,

According to a report by the All India Bank Employees Association, there were a total of 8.44 lakh employees in 21 state-run banks in 2018, which declined to 7.94 lakh in 2022.

Bank wise, the maximum number of employees has been cut in the country's largest bank SBI, where 19,791 employees have been reduced, the number has come down from 2.64 lakhs to 2.44 lakhs. 1342 employees have increased in PNB, there has been a cut in all other public sector banks.

Private Banks Increasing strength

In the year 2018, there were 4.20 lakh employees in 21 private banks. Whereas in 2021 their number increased to 5.34 lakh. According to the data for 2022, in private banks, HDFC has increased by 21 thousand employees and Axis Bank added 7.5 thousand employees.

Why are Govt. Bank Jobs reduced?

The main reason for the reduction of employees is the merger of banks. The central government has merged more than half a dozen banks. The number of branches has come down due to which fewer employees have started working.

The rest of the services are being outsourced and given on contract to private companies. Security guards, sanitation, and class IV staff have been outsourced. Now preparations are being made to outsource the clerk also. Due to this, fewer human resource is required in the operation of Banks. Along with this, the digital banking system has also reduced the need for manual work.

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