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Government is attacking small and medium businesses: Rahul Gandhi

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has described the Modi government against small and medium traders.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who arrived in Puducherry on Wednesday morning, while addressing the fishermen, said, “The present government is showing an aggressive attitude towards small and medium businesses as they want all businesses to be run by big companies. Our thinking is different. We want to strengthen small and medium businesses because we believe that these are the strengths of India.”

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He said, “The government passed three laws against the farmers, the backbone of the country. You must be wondering why I am talking about farmers in meetings with fishermen. I see you as the farmers of the sea. If the land farmers can have a ministry in Delhi, then why can’t the sea farmers get the same.

Whatever has happened in Puducherry in the last few days, the Congress Government of Puducherry is hovering after the crisis. In the last few days, the Congress party has shown a way out due to anti-party activities to a Congress leader. At the same time, four other members have resigned from the party.

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With this, Kiran Bedi was removed from the post of Lt. Governor of Puducherry just hours before Rahul Gandhi reached Puducherry.

It is believed that the central government has taken this step in view of the upcoming elections, because the state government had been demanding the removal of Kiran Bedi for a long time.

But even after the removal of Kiran Bedi, Chief Minister V Narayanasamy has expressed displeasure with the BJP.

Talking to news agency ANI, he said, “The last four years have been very troublesome for our government. Kiran Bedi has been interfering in our everyday things. The efforts he made against us have been successful. People like secular people in Puducherry and there is no place for communal elements here.”

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With this, Narayanasamy said, “BJP is trying to subdue our legislators to bring down our government.” The resignation of three MLAs has been accepted. People know the game of BJP and they will give them a strong answer during the year 2021 elections.”

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