Ghaziabad wedding turns violent as two groups clash over music

Several people were injured after a fight broke out at a hotel here between guests and hotel staff over playing music after hours, an official said Sunday, adding that nine people were arrested in connection with the incident.

In the viral video, people are seen running to get out of the place and women are heard screaming for help. Some men are seen attacking others with sticks and belts and the women plead for them to stop the fight.

This incident is of Hotel The Grand IRS located in the Mussoorie area. It is being told that this hotel belongs to a BJP leader. There was a turmeric program on Saturday morning and a cocktail party in the evening.

Many videos related to this incident have come to the fore. In this, a lot of sticks and sticks are seen moving among themselves. Some people of all genders have fallen on the ground. Drops of blood are also visible. In one video, people of all genders have locked themselves in a room. Dozens of youths are standing outside this room and are abusing.

The video shared by Akhilesh Yadav is of a wedding in Ghaziabad where a violent confrontation broke out over the music being played by the disc jockey. The SP leader shared the viral images with a caption that read: “BJP has performed the last rites of law and order on UP.”

“On 26.02.23, 9 accused were arrested while filing charges against 15-20 people in connection with the fight during a dispute over DJ playing at a wedding at the Mussoorie area police station and other people have been identified on the basis of the video. Advance legal action is being taken,” Ghaziabad police said.


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