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France didn’t let China play any games on Kashmir issue in UNSC: Macron’s advisor

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After the US Ambassador’s statement on the India-China border dispute in India, now a senior French diplomat has commented. Now French President Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic adviser Emmanuel Bonan has said that ‘when China breaks the rules we should be very strong and clear’

He said that France has always been helpful in the issue of Kashmir in the UN Security Council and “China should not be allowed to participate in any procedural games.”

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After the US ambassador’s comment on the India-China border dispute, the Chinese ambassador in India objected to this. The Chinese ambassador to India had tweeted, “India and China are capable of resolving their border dispute and no third country should fall into it”.

Emmanuel Bonn, the diplomatic adviser to French President Emmanuel Macron, said in a webinar of the think tank Vivekananda International Foundation on Thursday that France is always clear on the issue of direct threat to India.

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He said, “We should not go for confrontation. It is very easy to say this to Paris and Delhi and then when you have a problem in the Himalayas and you have Pakistan with you on the border. I mean India is in direct danger, we always We have been clear on this. As far as the issue of Kashmir is concerned, we are supporters of India in the Security Council. We cannot let China play any game in the procedural games. “

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Referring to the controversy in eastern Ladakh, he said that as far as the Himalayas are concerned, the statement is ‘clear’.

Emmanuel Bonn said, “China tells us secretly what we say in public. We need to be strong.” Bonn was in India for the third Indo-French strategic dialogue with National Security Advisor Ajit Doval.

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Bon expressed his thanks for expressing India’s support on Turkey and Pakistan’s ‘opposition to propaganda’. He said that India’s relations with Pakistan were ‘historically at the lowest level’.

He said, “When our country was reeling under the attack of some leaders of Turkey, Pakistan and other countries, we are very appreciative of your support which we got not only from your administration but also from the civil society of India.” He said that he wants China to respect ‘certain rules’ and be ‘less aggressive’.

Bon said that China should work in the same framework as the rest of them, and it is important for France to be more defensive, aggressive but more dynamic and agile.

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