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Law approved for fighting radical Islam in France

The French cabinet has approved a bill targeting ‘radical Islam’. Recently, this step has been taken in view of the many attacks made by extremists. In the draft of this bill, it has been said to curb home-schooling and hate speech.

President of France Emmanuel Macron has been engaged in defending secular values ​​in France for a long time. However critics from France and other countries are accusing him of targeting religion under the guise of it. But French Prime Minister Jean Castex has described it as a ‘protection law’ that will keep Muslims out of the clutches of extremists.

What is in this law?

This bill, which ‘supports democratic principles’, has been said to curb the online hate speech. Apart from this, it has been said to ban the disclosure of personal information of another person from the use of the Internet with the wrong feeling.

This new law is seen as a reaction to the assassination of Samuel Patty in October. Samuel Patty, a teacher of 47 years, was killed after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammed to the students in class. Investigations have revealed that an online campaign was launched against him.

According to this law, it has been said to ban ‘secretly run schools’ which promote Islamic ideology. There is also talk of hardening the rules of home schooling. It talks of making the ban on polygamy more stringent. In this, it has also been said not to provide housing facilities to polygamy. There has also been talk of fines on the doctors who check the girls’ virginity.

New rules will be implemented to ensure economic transparency regarding Muslim organizations. The scope of the ban on religious dress has been expanded. This will also be applied to transport workers and swimming pools and staff working in the market.

Many Muslim-majority countries have strongly criticized Macro. Relations with Turkey are already strained. Now President Ardoan has described this law as ‘clearly provocative’. He has even called Macrons ‘mentally ill’.

Protests against Macros are taking place in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Lebanon. Sam Brownback, the American envoy for religious freedom, has criticized the move, stating, “If you deal with it strictly, the situation can get worse.”

Many leftist leaders of France have expressed concern that this will cause Muslims to be looked down upon. The La Monde newspaper says that this law may offend other religious groups, including home-schooling.

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