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Farmers' Bharat Bandh: All You Need To Know Right Now

The farmers protesting against the central government’s farm bill called for a Bharat bandh. The farmers are demanding for provision for MSP.

By Sharad Panwar
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The farmers protesting against the central government’s farm bill called for a Bharat bandh today. The opposition parties, including Shiv Sena, Samajwadi Party, RJD, DMK, AAP and Congress are backing the farmers.

These parties have organized demonstrations against the government in different cities across the country today. Demonstrators have urged people to non-violently extend their support to the Bharat bandh.

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The central government issued an advisory to tighten security measures all around the country. The bandh is a symbolic protest, and a “chakka jam” has been organised from 11 AM to 3 PM.

The protestors had requested all shops and businesses to remain closed today. Farmers Union announced that the  bandh shall be observed from 11 AM onwards to avoid causing inconvenience to office-goers.

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However, commuters in Delhi are expected to face major problems as taxi unions and several drivers decided to join the bandh. Emergency services like Ambulance would not be affected. With the intention to mount pressure on the government, the farmers decided to organise the bandh a day before the sixth round of talks between them and the government. 

The farmers are demanding that the Central government make a provision for Minimum Support Price (MSP) in the new farm laws. Delhi, being the epicenter of the nationwide strike and farmers protest, would be the most affected city. 

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Farmers would be blocking the national highway and toll plazas today. All motors transport unions have also come out in support of farmers, which could seriously halt the supply as movement of trucks would be restricted. 

Moreover, a number of bank unions like, All India Bank Officers’ Association, have also extended their support to the bandh. However, the union has called black-band protest, which will unlikely affect the functionality of those banks. 

Protesters hit streets in support of Bharat Bandh

Apart from Punjab, sit-in protests are being held in Karnataka, Maharashtra, West-Bengal, Telangana, Assam, Tripura, besides other major states.

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